Guest Post #7: Easiest Banana Cake

Hi everyone, can you believe it? Finally, I am this close to Graduation (Imagine me pinching my pointer finger with my thumb) :D – And with graduation comes performances, baking, class parties, baking, muck up days and lots of baking!

Before I graduate though, here I am ploughing through my workload because before every beautiful part of life, comes this hideous, clawing at your neck part known as my final exams. Eep! And because I cannot bake my butt off right now, I would like you to enjoy a huge range of wonderful guest posters especially chosen just for you! 

So close to the end of school, I can taste it! Au revoir mes cheris!

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D’accord, je voudrais vous présenter une bloggeuse francaise qui est jeune comme moi en comparaison avec les autres bloggers. Elle a seulement dix-sept ans mais elle est la meilleure photographe est je l’aime parce que elle faire cuire les gâteux incroyables avec, bien sur, beaucoup de chocolat. Aussie, elle est trop gentille et créatif :)

Je suis très contente que elle a préparé un ‘guest post’ pour moi, et je sais que vous l’adorerez, sans doute! Alors, s’il vous plait, Faites un accueil chaleureux a Mrs DeYarmond par Weight And Measures!

*Translation - I just thought because this awesome French blogger wrote her post for me in English, she deserved some French from a girl learning it at school – sorry if it was a little broken :P

Ok, I would like to present to you a French blogger who is young like me comparatively. She is only 17 years old but she is the best photographer and I love her because she bakes incredible cakes with, of course, a lot of chocolate. She is also too sweet and creative :)

I am very happy that she prepared a guest post for me, and I know you all will love her, without a doubt! So, please give a warm welcome to Mrs DeYarmond from Weight And Measures!


Hi ! My name is Sarah and I am a french blogger (so pardon my english!) but I am able to translate every recipe I post in english.
When I received a mail from Uru, I was so excited. First, because she is probably one of my favorite blogger, but also cause I knew that it meant…. GUEST POST!


You know, I was so jealous of those amazing bloggers invited to write a post on Uru’s blog. She is so talented and she always managed to find incredible blogger. She was one of the first blog I subscribed to, and till that day, I didn’t miss any post. The day I realized she had subscribe to mine, I was like a kid. And I’m so honoured to be here. She always leaves something kind on my posts, and this guest post sounds like a blessing for a young blogger like me who started her blog less than a year ago.


So today I am so excited to present you my recipe ! Because, to my mind, Uru is a really extraordinary and exotic person, I wanted to bake something new, far from my usual “chocolate cake” (but they are good too, don’t worry haha). – I attest to that, they are better than good!
Pay attention world… This is the easiest banana cake : your guests will ask you to do it again ;)!


Easiest Banana Cake


  • 3 bananas + 1 for decoration
  • 135g of flour
  • 2g of baking soda
  • A pinch of salt
  • 2g of baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 110g of sugar
  • 40g melted butter
  • 30g of milk


  1. Preheat your oven at 210°C
  2. In a bowl, mix the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
  3. In an another bowl, blend sugar and egg.
  4. Then, add the melted butter and milk.
  5. Then, mash 3 bananas and add them to the last preparation.
  6. To finish, put the dry ingredients on the others and blend till it’s homogeneous.
  7. Put it in the oven during 25min.
  8. While it cools, take a banana and cut little slices. When the cake will be cool, put these slices on the top of the cake. I sprinkled the cake with some shredded coconut.


I hope you liked this recipe ! This is really easy and really quick to do. A huge thank you to my friend Uru, you are such a doll and that was more than a pleasure to write this guest post !

Love from France !

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Welcome To Teenage Baking


I am very excited to be starting my own blog (something I have actually been doing on Word for ages but never got publicised)!!!!

I intend to give each and everyone of you readers something to feast upon (eyes and stomach) through brilliant recipes, pics and tips all round!!!

Since I have to add in a lot of posts, the dates will be clashing but if I continue at this rate, I will soon be up to date!!!

Look around, indulge and get yourselves into that kitchen with flour smudges on your nose!!!

Lots of Love
Choc Chip Uru =D


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