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Nothing Says Thank You Like Ice Cream

My blog now is almost half a year old. Even as I say it I cannot believe how much it has grown since then. From grotty pictures and posts which lasted one paragraph to a slightly more sophisticated style of photography and ultra long posts which I sincerely hope entertain you.

It is necessary though to say that I would never have lasted so long if it weren’t for all of you – the food blogging community – and my friends and family (who go without saying :D)

Your support, comments, encouragement and awesome networking has been the reason I have continued this blog. You all inspire me, are friendly and share the same love of food that I do. Honestly now, I cannot imagine how weird it would feel not to be posting at least once a week (though you may have to forgive me during my half yearly weeks in 2 weeks time) or replying to all your comments or commenting on your fabulous blogs :D

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