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My Brother’s Last Teen Year (Traditions Of March #2)

We all love our siblings. There is no doubt about it (nodotabotit as my brother likes to say) that a lot of the time, you can share the world with them, even more than your parents and that is totally normal (mummy, daddy you never heard this from me! ;))

But of course then there are the times that siblings fight – I am talking from the stupid hair yanking to sock hitting to pillow fights to more grown up ‘angry discussions’ like taking too long in the bathroom in the morning and sharing the car :P

I love my Bhaiya more than this can you believe it!

When it comes down to the crux of the matter, a sibling is one of your best friends and you don’t even realise it. You appreciate them, you hate them, you get jealous of them, you wonder about them and you learn from them. And that is the relationship that my Bhaiya (*Hindi word for brother) and I have always had :D (though he has never been jealous of me :P)

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