Super Crazy Milkshake #1: Milo

This is absolutely, definitely the last thing I make – I must not let baking distract my person! But dam, if I want to have something to lift me off my feet, this is the one!

I am not even going to give you a recipe for this. Just the inspiration which was from this brilliant genius of a blogger!!!


Honestly, hands up who has ever put in cereal when they make a milkshake? I have gone so far as to use chocolate and caramel ice cream, mars bars, chocolate syrup and homemade excess caramel syrup from this cheesecake but something as simple as beautiful cereal never even occurred to me!

But I am glad I found out this could happen…

Ok, I am going to stop getting all mushy and sentimental about cereal and baking and give you a quick guideline on making these milkshakes (dam right, these milkshakes are better than yours! =P)

  • First, start with cereal – I used 3/4 of a usual cereal serving size which is 35g (I got a Milo cereal taster pack which had it – SCORE) – but that was serving 1 and the flavour was not very strong
  • Soak this in a nice bit of milk (but not too much – quantity depends on amount of cereal in the bowl), stirring casually now and then for around 10 minutes
  • Since I was using Milo cereal, I used some Milo powder and vanilla ice cream (I should have mixed them together OR you can make your own Milo ice cream) – If you were using nutrigrain, or fruit loops or something which doesn’t really have a match I would suggest using vanilla essence
  • Place the soaked milk, soggy cereal, at least 2 good scoops of matching-flavour ice cream, extra crunchy cereal and any other small syrup or powder you want to add
  • Blend
  • Drink – just drink it all out of the blender if you want…


Some tips:

  • It’s awesome to be creative but don’t go overboard and add other things like chocolate chips and broken up chocolate or whatever – the cereal should be the star!
  • Don’t add excessive amounts of syrup or sauce otherwise you don’t get a milkshake, you get slop. Seriously.

Cereal Suggestions:

  • Crunchy Nut – Add in honey and garnish with honey roasted macadamias (fancy) or peanuts (not-as-fancy)
  • Fruitloops – Do NOT add fruit with this – they do NOT work well – but rainbow ice cream does…
  • Nutrigrain – I used totally soggy and lots of it – too bad I didn’t take pictures!!!
  • Cocoa Pops – Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup (just a touch) and a ton of milk sodden cocoa pops – you will die =)

Have fun!!!


  1. karan says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am imagining myself lying on a clam chair on a sea beach on a bright sunny morning under a BIG umbrella and of course SIPPING this HEAVENLY CHILLED DRINK……….u made my day…..


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