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Magic In The Sunshine State

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to rumble guys, because away from bright lights and skyscrapers, we are spiralling down to Florida now, specifically known as the sunshine state! This is again, going to be an extremely long post, and even as I type, I have to wonder why I am bothering to write a warning when you all know.

You all know… 😛 

A few things you should know before tales of mayhem in humidity begin: 

  1. This is where I lose my luggage. For the entirety of my time in (mainly) Orlando I am without my luggage. Believe you me, once I have finished all my flights, I am going to publish a scathing blog post that’s itching to jump out of drafts right now!
  2. This post is 5 days worth of adventuring and fooding all neatly tucked away into one post, so stressing again, if you don’t have time, then don’t sit down. No one likes a cliff hanger 😛
  3. This will be the last adventure I have in the United States with a university friend before my exchange began (yes, I know, I’m still harking on about August, so time I stopped that right?) 🙂 


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