Part II: I Was In Canada, eh?

Hello again! I haven’t been wiped off the face of the blogging earth but I may as well have been considering I don’t have free time now. Free time is for chumps, I refuse to give my body a rest till I get home because I only have 5 months.

Wait no, make that only have 3 and a 1/2 months. What. The. Hell. *Crying here*

So yes, I am either studying (jokes, what a poor excuse to use that word) or I’m going out, roughly on a ratio of 15-85% at the moment. I usually exaggerate as you know, but today, that is just not the case. 

My life is pretty damn fantastic at the moment 😛

In the spirit of not working and snatching a few moments to relax in the beautiful library here at Boston College, I have decided to finally finish up Canada. And maybe even sneak in a little draft of Niagara Fa- OOPS… spoilers 😉

Now bear in mind, I did cover majority of Canada in my last post so this one will be relatively shorter and more about the photos. I would have made it one concise post but you know me, what even is concise? *Can I get a high five here?!*


Isn’t it grand, isn’t is stupendous, isn’t gorgeous?!



Well, it’s just the retreat (according to the audio piece glued to my ear). It’s just a place to get away from all the hectic life of living in, you know, THIS:


Grand, majestic sweeping gardens bordering the expansive Casa Loma, you can obviously see why living in this beautiful place can become a burden.

*Oh sorry Sleeping Beauty, didn’t realise you were napping in this room!*

*Oh Cinderella, I almost tripped over your wash bucket, my bad*


*Excuse me (one of the many) Prince Charming, I accidentally intruded on your ball*

But for reals, Eva @ Kitchen Inspirations actually mentioned that there is a three year waiting list to have your wedding here, and I can totally believe it! My friend’s cousin also got married here, so the fairytaleness is all very real 😀


I am ashamed (as a history buff of the old) to say I can’t remember much about the owners of this castle. Names and dates have being suppressed by the onslaught of memories made following this part of the trip, but I can maybe (without going on Wikipedia mind you), fill you in on the few details I remember!



Basically, it was owned and built by, from memory, a successful financier (Henry? I may be thinking of Henry because of all the ‘Oh Henry bars I have consumed’) who had a taste for aristocracy, nobility and all things royal.


He had expensive tastes not just in architecture, but in filling this house from top to bottom with gorgeous luxurious items and art pieces. It’s as if his life aspiration was for the Queen to visit, and he kept his palace in a way that should she turn up on any rainy night, he would be ready.



If he was alive today, I’m pretty sure he would be considered a Royalty fangirl. Or at least part of the fan club.

He was also one of the first to have a Conservatorium in his house. Wide, open and marbled full of beautiful plants with their complicated system of getting enough light and water.



Apparently Henry (he is Henry, I couldn’t help it, I had to look it up!) also kept all the bedrooms rather sumptuous too. His wife’s gorgeous blue room was definitely my favourite!



I love this old tradition of having your own room despite being married – modern world why?! I think sharing a bed is hard enough, but I would love to have my own room once/if I’m married.


Especially if it looks like this 😀




Stuff the iPhone, this phone is definitely in my future 😀 (I’m not even being sarcastic, I adore it!)


After all this sumptuous luxury, I do believe that he went into debt or something, (I really recommend visiting the actual Casa Loma site for the proper history), after which the castle was given over for military purposes at some point.


So I’m not sure if this long, basically must be haunted corridor was for them or not, but it was a creepy. And every castle needs a creepy haunted corridor (this castle already had a secret passage from Henry’s room to the wine cellar – the old dawg – so he knew how to live!)

Walking in a damp corridor like this was worth it because at the end, there was an exhibit of Henry’s proud collection of old antique cars. Can I just say, I am in love with old antique anything!?


My dad is also an AVID car lover, so I think my inherit genetics came out a little at this point 😛 I would love to drive up to uni, all badass in my early 20th century set of wheels giving a *toot toot* with my golden horn.

Because I can. 😉



The final end to a pretty historically fantastic day was of course the waffle.


Because till this point in Canada, my friend and I had actually not eaten a waffle dripping in Canada’s finest maple syrup.


Remedy that ASAP at the little cafe opened on the basement floor of the Castle. Good touch government/whichever society maintains this place. Good touch. 🙂


And now mes cheris, I leave you with this taste of Canada to go and do some work for uni (which I haven’t even started yet but I’m telling you, American colleges do not let you float by… you have to work and I haven’t started!)

Till Niag… um… next time 😀 Sorry for the super slow updating progress!

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  1. krisbigrigsncookies says:

    What an amazing place to visit. You would have to feel like a princess walking through that fairy tale castle!
    I would skip the haunted tunnel myself 🙂


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  3. A_Boleyn says:

    Even though I’m Canadian and live about 5 hrs from Casa Loma, I’ve only visited once. When I was too young too appreciate its beauty. And when I DO end up in TO, I get dragged to the ROM for endless hours of looking at the artifacts. Did you make it there?

    As to Niag … just want to know, did you wear the blue or the yellow ponchos on the boat?


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