Best Blogs

This is an ever-extending work in progress, so if I have left you out, do not hesistate to contact me 🙂
I want to include the world! And make it easier for you all to find a blogger with the specifications you are looking for too 😀

These bloggers are all the best blogs in my opinion!

My Logo

Patriotic Pride: Lovely Aussie Bloggers

Hosting-A-Party-Visit-These-People Blogs

Tricks & Tips + Wonderful Recipes/Collections Of Everything

The Famous Favourites

Inspiring Bakers

More Blogs I Love

Healthy/Gluten-Free/Vegetarian/Vegan Blogs

Indian Cuisiniers

Love Them! – Fellow Food Stories Award Judges

Gorgeous Candy Reviewers + Food Photo Sites + Shops (National + International)

Gorgeous Restaurant Reviewers (Australia Only)


  1. Nancy says:

    I love Sally’s baking addiction! I have pinned over 250 recipes that I have made just from her site. I should just call it Nancy’s addiction to Sally’s baking addiction.haha!


  2. hotlyspiced says:

    You’ve changed your blog around again! Love how the commenting system is at the bottom now instead of having to scroll back up to the top! Thanks for including Hotly Spiced on your list – so good of you Uru. And you know so many blogs! Where do you find the time??? xx


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