Candy & Our Winner!

Hello my darlings! Yes, that’s right, I am 5/6 through my exams (WOOP WOOP), with my final one being exactly 2 weeks away, so maybe I can sneak in 2 posts by then?

I promise to try, and to start commenting again on your blogs which I miss so much! 😀

Before I announce the winner to my giveaway from the last post (get excited :D), here is a very sweet infograph for you to enjoy, featuring the very familiar blogging talents of Marcela De Vivo, who is a permanent welcome guest here at Go Bake Yourself, considering she offers to guest post so often!

Also, just before I sweep off again, in case any of you are wondering, my new blog website is definitely underway and I am loving it, so I hope you will too! I can’t wait for all of you to join me there 😀

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Sometimes itís soft and tacky. Other times itís hard and smooth. And regardless of whether it melts in your mouth or you hands, it always tastes sweet. Thatís right, Iím talking about candy! (What else could I possibly be discussing?) 😉

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Guest Post #2: Raspberry Nutella Marshmallows

So my friends, once more my exams have come but at least instead of lasting 3 weeks, they are only lasting a week 😀 

In order to have some preparation time and all that, I would like you all to give a warm welcome to some stunning guest posts ranging from sweet to savoury (or should I say savoury to sweet) with a little surprise in the middle for you all!

As always, see you all on the other side mes cheris!

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Winner Announced!!!

Alright guys, the moment EVERYONE has been waiting for…. It is finally here 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

In case anyone is wondering what in the world I am talking about, here is a little recap:

Little girl skips along happily eating chocolate. Little girl starts to bake with chocolate. Little girl starts blogging about her chocolate dishes. Little girl blogs for a whole year and makes croissants (eats them with Nutella). Little girl gets sentimental and thanks all her followers and has a giveaway so people can buy chocolate. $40 worth of it if possible!!

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Attempting Silence

Look, let me be honest. I do not have many flaws. In fact, hah, it was very hard for me to come up with the one I will tell you about today. After all, I am just about 100% perfect.

pb fudge 16Wow, doesn’t someone need to eat some humble pie… 😉

Unlike the above description of yours truly, I do lots of things wrong, lots of weird things and well, am around 1% perfect – but that is what makes me human 😀 – and a question, is 1% perfect even possible???

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Truffles (And I Ain’t Talking Mushrooms!)

Today was a baking disaster day. I can’t really go into detail because it was for a friend’s birthday present and I can’t post up until I give her the finally! baked goods 😛

Let us just say it involved cream cheese, and no batter baking but more on that later…

For the initial baking plan, I needed cream cheese. But 230 grams (I must say, Americans should sell 250g packets like the rest of us! – Well at least in Aus!). Now let me get one thing straight, I do not refrigerate that amount of cream cheese. Seriously, do anything with it, but such a small amount cannot be stomached!!!

34So I made 1/12 of a truffle recipe. And got one gorgeously gorgeous cute little truffle out of it.

It was fast, easy, a little freezy and a loitta dippy and voila – A bite-size treat of absolute deliciousness – The cream cheese combination with cookies is truly one to wonder at – that is why I instantly fell in love with these heaven on sticks!

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Dear me, I think I gained 5 kilos…

Actually Written: 28th September 2011

Please don’t be scared off this post! Let’s say (for my sake at least) that it is
holiday season, everyone gains weight then!

You see, my explanation is very simple. When you make fudge, you eat it. Is my
philosophy wrong? No? Didn’t think so.

Now, when you make caramel fudge, you do not eat it (don’t hit me yet) – You devour it.
You scrape the saucepan’s warm sweet not-put-in-pan-able leftovers. You watch the
fridge like a hawk for 2 hours. And when that fudge is set, you don’t even
bother cutting it up.

Hence the 5 kilos…


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