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Guest Post #8: Diabetic Friendly Taco Pizza

Bonjour mes cheris, get excited for me! After I finish these exams I am wading through right now, half of year 12 will be forever finished and over with! YAY!

Mais non, focus, FOCUS! It certainly is not over yet no matter how much I dream about year 12 formal. Ah, c’est la vie!

Anyhow, while I am not here to give you recipes, tips, tricks and well, my blog, I have some pretty fan-friggin-tastic fabulous chefs lined up to do so instead! A whole range of dishes for you to enjoy while I am on this undesired break  – You won’t even notice my absence I promise!

See you soon for the April holidays and wishing you all a marvelous Easter and break! Promise me you will chow down on what that Easter Bunny brings you/your chocolate loot stashed in the bottom of your drawer – Yes, I am on to you all!

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Hello all, I thought I would mix it up a little and give you a taste of something you are not used to on this blog. Health 😉 – Please welcome Tracy Rose, who has been so kind as to write up an incredible post about those with Type II diabetes and even include a delicious pizza recipe mixed with Mexican! To learn more, please visit Health Line!


For some people, the doctor’s diagnosis of type II diabetes is like being told they will never be able to enjoy any food again. After all, giving up sugary sweets can be hard, especially if you love cakes, chocolates, and pastries. However, just because you found out you are diabetic doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love. There are plenty of tasty foods that you can still enjoy. All you have to do is change how you think about your meals and foods. With simple changes, you can still say “yum” when you pick up the fork or spoon.


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