Guest Post #8: Diabetic Friendly Taco Pizza

Bonjour mes cheris, get excited for me! After I finish these exams I am wading through right now, half of year 12 will be forever finished and over with! YAY!

Mais non, focus, FOCUS! It certainly is not over yet no matter how much I dream about year 12 formal. Ah, c’est la vie!

Anyhow, while I am not here to give you recipes, tips, tricks and well, my blog, I have some pretty fan-friggin-tastic fabulous chefs lined up to do so instead! A whole range of dishes for you to enjoy while I am on this undesired break  – You won’t even notice my absence I promise!

See you soon for the April holidays and wishing you all a marvelous Easter and break! Promise me you will chow down on what that Easter Bunny brings you/your chocolate loot stashed in the bottom of your drawer – Yes, I am on to you all!

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Hello all, I thought I would mix it up a little and give you a taste of something you are not used to on this blog. Health 😉 – Please welcome Tracy Rose, who has been so kind as to write up an incredible post about those with Type II diabetes and even include a delicious pizza recipe mixed with Mexican! To learn more, please visit Health Line!


For some people, the doctor’s diagnosis of type II diabetes is like being told they will never be able to enjoy any food again. After all, giving up sugary sweets can be hard, especially if you love cakes, chocolates, and pastries. However, just because you found out you are diabetic doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love. There are plenty of tasty foods that you can still enjoy. All you have to do is change how you think about your meals and foods. With simple changes, you can still say “yum” when you pick up the fork or spoon.


Never Underestimate Fruit

One thing that you can still have in specific portions would be fruit, and there are plenty of tasty things you can do with it. Make sure to ask your doctor how many servings of fruit you can have each day, and the number is usually three to four. After that, consider some of these tasty combinations:

  • Mix berries in with plain yogurt for a parfait style treat.
  • Sprinkle a sliced apple with granola for a sweet crunch.
  • Blend milk or yogurt with your favorite fruits to create your own smoothie.

Make sure you always choose fresh fruits since canned varieties are often sweetened with extra sugar.


Whole Grains

Most people hear “whole grains” and they can’t imagine how anything could be tasty. However, in the right forms, they certainly can be. One good option would be whole grain pancakes, which taste very similar to the normal, high fat and sugar types.

You can also look for whole grain tortillas and crackers that will allow you to enjoy tasty snacks and even your favorite Mexican foods.


Sugar Free Desserts

There are plenty of sugar free dessert options these days because more and more food manufacturers are offering options that will cater to diabetics. Always make sure the sweets you are choosing are sugar free before you buy them, but some of the options you could consider include:

  • Sugar free ice cream with sugar free hot fudge sauce. (Sprinkle on some granola for crunch)
  • Sugar free chocolate chip cookies
  • Sugar free brownies without frosting


Talk to your doctor first, but you can most likely have some sweets in limited portions. For example, if you are absolutely craving a candy bar, then you can most likely have one in a fun size version.

A Delicious Type II Diabetes Friendly Recipe

If you want an example of a great way to use diabetic safe foods, then consider this recipe. It is so delicious that even the non-diabetics you know will be begging for you to share.

Diabetic Friendly Taco Pizza


  • 453g extra lean ground beef or ground round
  • 1 can diced tomatoes (for extra kick, choose the kind with green chiles)
  • 1 can refrigerated pizza dough
  • ¼ cup onion, chopped
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese (or use skim mozzarella cheese)
  • Mexican seasoning to taste


  • Salsa of your choosing
  • Low fat sour cream
  • Directions:


  1. Preheat your over to 220 degrees C.
  2. Use a large nonstick skillet to brown beef thoroughly, then add in onion, stirring well.
  3. Drain the beef.
  4. Add in tomatoes and seasoning.
  5. Stir well and heat at medium for a couple of minutes.
  6. Press pizza dough in the bottom of a 13×9 inch baking dish that has been coated in cooking spray.
  7. Spoon in your beef mixture until pizza dough is covered.
  8. Bake for 12 minutes in the oven and then sprinkle with cheese.
  9. Bake until cheese has melted.
  10. Slice in squares and top with salsa and sour cream if you would like.

Finding out that you have type II diabetes doesn’t mean you never get to enjoy tasty foods again. Instead, you just have to change a few things and then you can easily enjoy delicious diabetic friendly recipes like the ones above 🙂


Thanks so much Tracy for so many great alternatives and suggestions! If I was not veg (I lie) – Despite being veg, I would definitely not mind getting my teeth into this pizza! To all those diabetic and non-diabetic veggies out there, simply substitute silken tofu or soya meat in place of the beef and your results should be pretty much the same 🙂

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  1. CCU, if I were subbing for a veg-version, I’d use rehydrated TVP (textured vegetable protein–a soy product) or firm tofu that has been drained, wrapped in foil, frozen, thawed and crumbled. Though not diabetic, I always appreciate good information like this. Thanks to your guest writer, Tracy Rose.


  2. I like this Mexican pizza casserole dish! Good tips for diabetics! I tend to stay away from products that have fake sugar in them, though. The chemicals used in place of sugar are not a good for you either.


  3. Lisa says:

    My father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 10 years we’re always looking for great recipes for him. Definitely trying this taco pizza..and loved your informative post! Once again..a great choice for a guest post, Uru!


  4. mjskit says:

    Any diagnosis can be a shock, but I found that it’s a matter of dealing with it mentally first, then it’s easier to tackle the physical and life changing aspects of your health. It sounds like you’ve done a great job! Best of luck and life to you Darlin! The pizza sounds wonderful!


  5. Hmm, pizza dough is pretty carby for a diabetic. Low-carb pizza crust options would be better. This is no doubt the old school diabetic diet. I used to believe in it too – wrote two cookbooks for the traditional diabetic diet. Diabetes is a carbohydrate intolerance disease, so why load up on too many carbs. That said one slice of this pizza with a nice big salad would be fine. Fat is NOT the enemy for someone with diabetes, however, I can see where that mind set came from. People with diabetes are normally overweight and mixing high carb and high fat makes it very difficult to lose any weight. However, high fat and low-carb makes it easier for the person with diabetes to lose weight. Sorry, I couldn’t help posting this note. Maybe someone out there will learn something new.


  6. Sounds fantastic and you are so right, having type II diabetes doesn’t mean you can never say YUM again, Great recipe, thank you for posting, My Mom has diabetes and I am going to give her this recipe.


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