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CCU Undercover: Qantas Flight

So I am now in jolly ol’ England, specifically London, home to the Doctor, to Sherlock, and some of the most talented actors and actresses in the world. Where kings were beheaded, where hauntings are aplenty, and where there is a bit of magic in the air.

And where the accent just makes me want to cry with happiness 😛

London may admittedly be wet and rainy at this time, but I can’t say it really detracts from the beauty of seeing Big Ben or Windsor Castle. Vinegar soaked chips greasing newspapers and old style pubs at every corner, I think I am going like this city a lot 🙂


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So, before I left for Europe, I was partying in the USA if you may recall! But to get to such a party, it is basically impossible to have a comfortable trip.

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