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CCU Undercover: Mooberry Dessert & Breakfast Bar

She felt like Pinocchio. It had been so long since CCU had stretched her legs and gone to her closet, looking past party dress, sweatpants and fat pants, for her trench coat.

She was all wooden, all rusty, and she could feel her skin scrape as if she had a million splinters stuck into her. “Just get past this’, she kept muttering to herself.

“Once you are into your reviewing, it will all come back to you…”

And it totally did. In the wonderful vicinity of a frozen yoghurt haven known as Mooberry

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Ok so I think I have the best bunch of blogging mates around. One such being Tina, who is a year older than me, running an amazing blog called Food For Tina! Now this girl has tons of contacts, as she reviews basically every restaurant she eats at, and she has such a spunky personality, you can’t help but want to keep in touch 🙂

Now, Tina got an invite from a Fro-Yo bar called Mooberrytheir most famous store being in Sydney’s hipster haven of Newtown, to come along to their launch for a new store opening in Neutral Bay.

This was so, no ordinary store. It promised three levels of absolute fro-yo mayhem, a catered dinner and, as you can probably tell, a full on red-carpetted event. Pretty darn awesome 😀
Now,  Tina already had plans for that evening, so she asked me to take her place. I may have screamed a little when I got her email explaining all this, but I was all condolences and said, for the blogging world, I would go.

Of course. 😉

This launch sounded super promising. Catered by the likes of Sam Thai, and sponsored by big BIG brands such as Peroni, Patron and Porsche (yep… the car!!!), I had super high hopes for such an amaze balls store!

DSC_0014So there was, feeling overdressed slightly, dragging my brother in tow to meander through the Northern shore and reach the dessert bar. Though I promise you, as soon as I got there I felt fine. There was a mixed crowd, albeit mostly my age or a little older (in the cool age of 22, 23 and 25!) along with a range of other bloggers, professional photographers and random plus ones/owner friends.

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Belated Valentines Post

Yes, I am not so socially inept that I do not know that Valentines Day was actually last week. But if you truly love someone (or something in my case :P), then you know one week makes no difference right?


I would have made and posted these sooner, closer to the day of roses, velvet, love hearts and more, but the chocolates featured in this post weren’t delivered on time (delays happen) and then I was really busy and yadda, yadda, yadda (SEINFELD!) 😛

But what matters is that I am here now right?

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Risky Business

I could feel my heart pumping, my hands going sweaty and my eyes darting left and right.


Paper was dampening in my hands, I had no way out. I could hear the construction in my head, houses going up around me, enclosing and suffocating me.

I walked down a couple of lanes, darting in and out of free parking, avoiding the houses and hotels surrounding me. It felt too suburbia, it felt too expensive, almost like I was stuck, living in the hub of a big game…

Suddenly a police officer stopped me. Pale as milk, yet imposing in his blue uniform, he beckoned me forward. Slowly, I walked up, not even knowing I had done something wrong.


Bound and gagged, he tossed me into a dark jail cell, with a small passage for visitors. Huh. Who would visit me?

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A Quiet Post

To all those having commenting issues, I’m sorry – I have sent your screen shots and messages onto the people managing my blog and hopefully it will be resolved soon! Plug-ins and all can be crazy 😛
Thank you for being so patient though!!

And I actually totally owed you all the final part of my USA Party series, butttt I need some photos from my daddy (who is a seriously awesome amateur photographer… kind of contradictory because how can you be amateur if you are so good?) – so, not that I just buttered him up or anything (:P), hopefully I will be able to write that up soon!



Before I start my usual ramblings in this post, I would like to tell all you wonderful people who mentally sent me down the cold after my rant last post, that it worked! Because right now, it is raining outside with no blue skies for miles around me 😀
Yay! I hope I returned the favour and sent the heat steaming towards you all!


And if it wasn’t you… then I can only assume Mother Nature is drunk.

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