An Ideal Morning

I really seem to be on a breakfast kick these days, it would seem, but I can’t apologise for it because I enjoy myself so much! No one else is awake, no one is clanking around the kitchen, no one is calling my name.

Just me, my bed and a sunrise most mornings. Well, not my bed, I’m getting ready for uni! So me, my heater and a sunrise 🙂


But I have noticed that as far as my idealistic view of mornings go, I often do not have the luxury of properly enjoying my morning persona, which I am lucky to have despite my desire to occasionally sleep in!

So there I am, up in the middle of the night for more people, eating cold cereal on the run, while tying my hair with a one hand, holding my bowl under my chin, while frantically rooting down the bottom of my wardrobe for a scarf.


C’est la vie? NON. Ce n’est pas la vie. (It is NOT life!)

Often, I do not even have time for toast – you know, the grilling slowly for crustiness, the warm butter being spread slowly and generously. I’m a perfectionist, but it certainly does cost me a lot of time, that I do not have in the morning!

And cold cereal gets me that far before I am starting to desire more food, warm food, though my butt is being hauled away on a bus for an hour and a half’s trip to the city…

Being in this predicament, it was just as well that Nuffnang Au offered me the chance to review Uncle Toby’s new Quick Sachets range part of their Oats line!


While I can’t say I beg for oats on a daily basis, I am pretty sure that I am going to change that now, considering how increasingly idealistic my mornings have become since eating this for breakfast!

With no artificial colours or flavours, I received both the Berry Variety Pack and the Creamy Honey Pack to enjoy. Being the strawberry fanatic that I am, you know, which one I ripped into first!

Each box contains 12 sachets, joined in pairs, and every packet contains the super easy instructions on how to enjoy the oats to their fullest!


In the Berry box, there were 6 triple berry, strawberry and 3 blueberry sachets. When I opened the strawberry one, there was a sudden, swift release of aroma, which was not actually exclusive to strawberries, rather berries in general.

In each of the packages, there was a nice large helping of shredded oats (which I personally prefer) and it was the probably one of the easiest way to kick off my morning.


I just added 1/2 milk, stirred into mix, and microwaved it for a minute and thirty seconds. Topping with some additional fruit took maybe 5 seconds more so really, I had a piping hot, mess-free breakfast solution in under 2 minutes!








Now if that won’t make your morning easier, more enjoyable and more efficient, I don’t know what will! 😀


In regards to the flavours now (because who doesn’t love hearing about the flavours!), the way that Uncle Tobys add in their flavouring with all the berries is by small little dried berry pieces strewn throughout the oats.

Personally, I would have preferred more strawberry pieces, because the ones that you did get were delicious and added a great flavour to the not-sweet oats! Strawberry also had a very distinct, fruity aroma coming from the microwave, as if it was enjoying itself in my body shop body bath!


I wasn’t complaining though, I was perfectly happy to enjoy it while I put my jumper on at the kitchen counter and packed snacks for the day 🙂

The next day, with my hair looking like a rat slept in it, I was rushing around, trying to save 10 minutes to have my breakfast when I remembered – hold on! All I need is 2 minutes! So with my hair more presentable, and my t-shirt the right way round, I went to try the newest flavour: Blueberry.


This one, despite the lack of artificial flavours, was a bit sweeter for me, and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it quite as much! I liked the oats of course, they were delicious, but despite being more generous in the amount of dried blueberry minis in the oats, they didn’t taste very good!

It tasted a bit like a mix of berry with an overdose of stevia added to it, which didn’t sit too well – at least I had the oats and fruit to enjoy flavour more!




Next on my list, and this time, without even having uni to go to, was Triple Berry. The final flavour in my berry pack (unfortunately), it tasted very similar to blueberry, but without any feel of over-sweetness, which was great!


If anything, I was wishing like it was strawberry all over again, but to have more little dried berries with the delicious oats themselves!

I also tried the Creamy Honey, and admittedly, expected the worst, As hard as the bees work, I have to say, I despise honey. Unfortunately but it is true – it is just sooooo sweet! 😛


But in these oats, the flavour is absolute minimal, with the slightest hint of honey undertone. I would go so far as to say those who actually love honey should drizzle a little extra on top!

But this flavour, combined with some bananas on top, has definitely become a fast favourite! 😀

I want to try with a dash of cinnamon on top now too!


Overall, I found that this range of UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets made for a perfect, quick breakfast to lessen the hustle and bustle of the morning, while delivering a good hit of flavour. The oats were creamy (though I added a bit of extra milk and didn’t even contemplate trying them with water!), with the texture being similar to kheer, or sticky rice pudding 🙂


But just a hint – MAKE the oats in a larger bowl and then put into a serving one. Look what happened (I also forgot to stir the milk and oats so double whammy… :P)

Meet oatmeal-congealed-all-over-my-microwave mess… *not my shining moment*


It is so healthy and easy to make as well, and despite tasting a little stringy if it was lacking liquid,  it is perfectly sweetened enough to kick you awake in the morning!

Just wondering, though I am pretty sure I know the answer… would you try warm and soothing oats in the morning after reading this? 😀

Till next time mes cheris!
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Disclaimer: Go Bake Yourself received these samples courtesy of Nuffnang AU, who also suggested the theme for this post. However, all opinions and thoughts regarding the product itself are honest and her own.


  1. Love a quick and easy breakfast esp on lazy mornings ..sometimes I’ll just grab a yogurt to have with some granola over it. I, too, don’t really like overly sweet stuff for breakfast.


  2. mmmarzipan says:

    I love oats and make them almost everyday- whatever the weather. The ratio I use is 100 ml organic plain oats to 200 ml water, microwave for 2 minutes (so 30 seconds longer than yours, hehe 🙂 ) then stir through milk of choice (I prefer coconut), then add shredded organic coconut/nuts/berries for texture and a little sugar-free sweetness 🙂 xxx


  3. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    I haven’t had instant oatmeal in so long I can’t remember when I did. I think it’s time for some convenience. 🙂


  4. Uru,
    I eat rolled oats oatmeal almost every morning, always with cinnamon, and whatever fruit I have in the house. I make them in the microwave in 90 sec. They turn out perfectly, no artificial additives or preservatives, just oatmeal and cinnamon,no sweeteners at all. Then I’ll add the fruit, Try it 90sec and totally healthy;)


  5. Veronica @ Veronica’s Cornucopia: You have reminded me how much I enjoy oats for breakfast though I honestly an’t recall the last time I had them! Which is pretty funny considering I give my baby oatmeal for breakfast every. single. day. I taste his but never made them for myself. What’s up with that?! haha! Must remedy this soon


  6. shenANNAgans says:

    Hair looking like a rat slept in it….. Hahahaaaa…. That is the best description of crazy hair I have heard in ages. LOL! #borrowingthat 🙂
    I love these packet oats, they are my go to filler for ANY meal I miss. They are super tasty. Love that ya made boring ol oats look delish too! You rock.


  7. hotlyspiced says:

    I don’t know what’s going on (I’ve had a power cut this evening and all sorts) but I can’t view any of your images! But…I am aware of Uncle Tobys quick oats sachets and we have them here for the same reasons – that we want a great breakfast and need it quickly! xx


  8. Hi Uru! I’ve been trying to seeing your site with different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) but the images are not showing correctly (it just says the image number and blank space). I’ll check in again another time. Thought I should let you know. 🙂


  9. I do love oats and although I’m willing to eat them quite plain, the way you describe these sachets i would be thrilled to give them a try! I think there should always be time in the morning for a bowl of oatmeal and to get your busy day started right. You’ve reminded me of the importance in just hearing how busy your morning is. Do take care of yourself with all the Uni responsibilities, Uru! You have to keep that gorgeous smile of yours, so stay healthy. 🙂


  10. You are totally speaking my language here. As much as I adore breakfast foods, I have little time, patience, or energy to really enjoy them most mornings. Oats are my go-to for colder days, and the easier, the better! I usually go for very simple flair combinations, but if I had better ready made options, you’d better believe that’s what if go for every time!


  11. Barbara @ Moveable Feasts: I used to make oatmeal every morning with steel cut oats…took 1/2 an hour. I got spoiled and didn’t like anything else. 😦 But didn’t want to take the time any longer. Now I have an egg and grapefruit.
    This looks yummy and reminds me of those other days!


  12. I eat oatmeal steel cut the kind you need to cook every morning. I love adding nuts, fruits and all kinds of toppings. I have been trying to stay away from sweet things but still need a little swirl of honey always does the trick.


  13. I used to have oatmeal for breakfast a lot. I’d just take regular oatmeal, add some water, and nuke it in the microwave. Pretty quick and easy. I haven’t heard of this brand, but it looks pretty quick and easy too.


  14. Eva Taylor says:

    Directed in the theme? Hmmm. Not loving the sound of that. I don’t think they should do that, sounds less authentic. It’s your blog and you should be able to write about it any which way you choose.
    I’m surprised that you’re not much of a sweet eater! Your blog is made up mainly of baked sweets is it not?


    • Perhaps I was a bit too strong in my word choice, I will change that now – it was a suggested angle for the theme because it suits the product (a breakfast item) so I was totally on board. If I disagreed with it, I wouldn’t have written about it, and if they hadn’t suggested it, it would have been the appropriate path to write about anyway. Thanks for your concern though Eva 🙂
      And I am a HUGE sweet eater, but in breakfast, I usually prefer savoury and cannot take too much sugar in the morning unless it is a special occasion!

      Choc Chip Uru


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