CCU Undercover: Wild Pear Cafe

CCU sometimes overlooks the fact that in her sleepy, beautiful suburb, there is actually a lot of awesome cafes. She dreams of living in the big city, but just 10 minutes away, she didn’t realise there was a gem. God, she could be so blind sometimes!

That’s how she found herself on yet another sleepy, rainy morning, her whole family going to this cafe for Fathers Day! She was studying for exams, so unfortunately, she still owed her daddy baked goods, but until then, forcing her family to try this cafe wasn’t the worst way to go at all 🙂

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If restaurants and cafes were your relatives, then Wild Pear Cafe would most certainly be your grandmother. A warm welcoming home of an interior with jars, pots and pans and carpets with wooden tables. The atmosphere is abuzz with people, and considering they are usually booked out most weekends, it isn’t surprising.


I wish I could have taken shots of the inside, which is lined with greenery as well considering this cafe is part of a plant nursery, but unfortunately, there were just too many people! Aaah well, next time I’m sure 😉

Despite how rushed it was, the staff was quite friendly as we were ushered outside to our table. As the rain slashed down, it couldn’t penetrate the clear covers. Surprising, but I haven’t been in many cafes where there is this option for when it is raining and there is outside seating! Good call!


Their menu was not very extensive, but had all the classics with little twists to make it their own. For instance, all breakfasts were served with Italian crusty bread, not your regular different types of toast. While this was a little bit of an issue for a traditionalist, vegetarian breakfast eater like my mum, I personally liked the unique variety.


As soon as we had ordered, despite being absolutely full up, it really didn’t take an awfully long time for the our meal to come. I was pleasantly surprised, but it didn’t come at a price – flagging down a waiter or waitress was all about timing, they were definitely sprint walking to get orders around!

After leaving us with some cutlery on a fresh plate, it only took around 5 to 7 minutes for our drinks to arrive. First up, because there is always this, both my parents went all twinsies and ordered their standard Extra large/Mug of Cappuccino, with skim milk and extra hot. ($5 each) I quite literally have their order memorised and probably will till the day my mind goes loopy 😛 




They also always get matching foam moustaches when they drink, I always think that is rather cute! And after taking one sip, I literally saw the morning light finally hit their eyes simultaneously.

Despite the rain, my brother with his usual I’m-not-trying-to-be-a-hipster-but-am flair decided to get a cool and refreshing Orange Juice ($4.50) instead of opting for the warm drinks which would be, you know, normal, in drenching rains and howling winds.


To each his own I suppose. It came in a generous glass, with a pleasingly fresh colour and my brother took a sip and grinned as he realised it still had pulp. It’s always about that pulp. 😀

Now my turn 😀 I followed my usual tastes and ordered a casual Hot Chocolate ($4.50). Sprinkled generously with chocolate on the top, and with a sludge of heated chocolate at the bottom, you really had to stir to get the flavour infused all the way into the drink.


No worries there, especially after I got a foam moustache of my own! The marshmallow besides the drink was also a nice touch, I hate that some places believe you can get too old for that! And the pre-melted marshmallow in the middle? A stroke of genius! My inner child… jokes I am a child… Me, myself and I were singing at the marshmallows!


While my hot chocolate was tasty, I would have preferred it a little hotter. Not ‘extra hot’ like my parents, but at a substantial temperature enough so it doesn’t cool after a few minutes. The chocolate flavour in itself was delicious and fulfilling though.


Should have got it with a shot of caramel (Extra $0.60)! Oh well. Next time without a doubt 😛

Within minutes of our drinks being brought out, our food was also ready. While my family fretted around trying not to dive into their food while I photographed (they know it is an occupational hazard!), I made a mental note. How many times, lovely readers, has it happened that you order food and drink, your drink comes then once you have finished it, your food does?


Too many right? Well, here it came right on time! 😀

First few plates out were for my brother and my dad. Both ravenous meat eaters, but let us begin with my brother’s dish. He ordered the Grilled Bacon & Avocado Stack w/ baby spinach, parmesan, chilli jam, ricotta & roasted cherry tomatoes ($19.90).


There wasn’t much talk so much as a mumbled ‘this is delicious’ while he forked his way through a generous stack. My brother was a big fan of the chilli jam, this being a new addition to his palette. He also said it went very well with the avocado.


The bacon strips looked lovely, without too much fat on them but still glistening from being fried. The whole stack was artful, like how an Eton Mess is also far removed from your regular messes… The rustic Italian bread  on the bottom adding the foundation, and I loved how the ricotta was just chunked all over!

An extra bacon close up just for you guys!

An extra bacon close up just for you guys!

I couldn’t understand how the cherry tomatoes could be grilled though, considering they looked so plump and juicy! And I completely forgot to ask my brother if they were or not 😛

Moving onto my daddy. He decided to throw caution, as he should because it was quite the special day, and order the Wildpear’s Big Breakfast w/ eggs (scrambled), chopolates, bacon, mushrooms, roast cherry tomatoes & hash brown ($21.90). Something so large, it is expected that you won’t be eating till dinner time, if even that!


As far as I could tell, the eggs looked very creamy and buttery, and the hash brown (which I actually did try a little of), was a mix between the US style shredded potatoes and the more patty style common in Australia. I wasn’t the biggest fan, maybe because I am so habituated to the taste of McDonalds hash browns, but their flavouring was excellent.


My dad really enjoyed the sausages, I feel like for him, they are even more of a guilty pleasure than the bacon! Again, sitting on top of that crusty piece of Italian bread, the rough, strewn design of the dish really added to its rustic appeal. Just like any grandma would serve food – generously and in a wholesome manner.


If I could say anything, I thought perhaps there was a little lack of the spinach, but I suppose since it wasn’t ‘typically’ part of the meal, it was more for garnishing purposes. It did add a lovely element to the aesthetic appeal of this dish.


My dad said the sausages exploded in his mouth, the flavour was definitely there which was good 🙂 He also really enjoyed the bread, though I think I may have hooked him on to it after his experience with Brasserie Bread’s Italian Ciabatta!

Now, my mum also ordered a savoury dish, so shall we mix it up a bit and go for the dessert-breakfast that I typically opted for? Tossing up with the parfait, on a gut decision, I decided to just go with the Sugar ‘n’ Spice French Toast w/ rhubarb, fresh strawberries, orange blossoms, pistachios & cream ($19.90).


I got my power puff girl stomach ready (because sugar, spice and everything nice :P) and after my first bite, was lost in the dish. The rhubarb was slick on top, I think poached, because it was soft and succulent. The orange blossoms left a perfume-smelling taste in the mouth and that cream.



I cannot even begin to describe how deliciously pure and smooth the cream was. The french toast was grilled to sugary perfection, and was golden and soft, though a little on the chewy side when it came to the crust. The crunch from the pistachios contrasted nicely against it.


If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen me post this baby up beforehand 🙂 I really enjoyed the dipping and all, but if you order this, just remember that the orange blossom syrup is VERY sweet, so don’t be going all out unless that is what your cavity-ridden teeth desire 😉




I just realised how much awesome was in that French Toast all over again. I need a minute… Ok done 😀

Moving on to my mum’s dish, she was conflicted because she can’t eat excessive sweets for breakfast, but she didn’t have the usual dishes such as toasts or banana bread there. So she opted to get the House Made Baked Beans w/ avocado, Danish feta & drizzled with extra virgin olive oil ($17.90).


My mum enjoyed this dish, saying the gravy was creamy and the beans soft and delicious. I don’t usually like baked beans at all, especially not from the can, but tried some of the gravy, a touch of feta and a few beans on one of the pieces of Italian bread.



Oh my gosh. I could live on that. The gravy was thick and rich, while the soft, tasty beans made you feel more healthy 😛 And the saltiness from the Danish feta also added to the overall flavour!



You would think by now, we would be beyond stuffed, and we were. But ma and daddy need dessert right? What is breakfast if it isn’t a meal more than one course? Especially on a day as special as Fathers Day, I assure you!

My dad decided to whole hog and order himself (mind you, after having an orange juice following his coffee), an Affogato. I couldn’t find it on the menu, which was a little weird, but I would hazard it to be around $5? This affogato was one of the most elegant… ‘designs’ I have ever seen.


A giant version of a shot glass, with the espresso on the side (my dad didn’t have the Frangelico), a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream was sitting in a pool of caramel, adorned by two large pieces of biscotti on its side.


There was also a cluster of candied pecan nuts in the glass, adding to the classy effect. My dad’s eyes actually lit up when he ate this twist on the usual Affogato, I think the caramel gave it a really nice sweetness.


And everyone knows coffee or mocha with a caramel shot sends it to a whole new level!


My dad and I played around with some of the leftover sticky strands of caramel, keeping going till finally I got this shot. I think I need to change cameras to something that can catch the ‘pouring’ action like no other 😛

And while we messed around and my brother lounged, unable to move, my mum also enjoyed her second cup of Cappuccino etc. etc. (though a small cup this time :P) – $3.90.



General Overview & Information

  • Friendly staff but difficulty in getting their attention
  • Lovely, warming interior
  • Bookings recommended, especially on the weekend
  • A little on the expensive side, but good for a special day like Fathers Day!
  • Generous serving sizes and a unique range of dishes to try

Rating: 9/10

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I suggest you all go eat some breakfast before you explode from need 😀 – Regardless of what time it is!

Till next time mes cheris!

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  1. Sugar et al. says:

    Oh my! What a way to start my day…looking at all those gorgeous sweet things. We should catch up one of these days over marshmallow topped hot chocolate (I judge my hot chocolates basis the presence of toppings too, lol:-))


  2. Love your reviews Uru! They always make me hungry though, lol…What a wonderful way to celebrate Father’s Day mustaches and all:) It really does sound like a lovely place and it seems from all those gorgrous pictures, that everyone got what they wanted! That’s not alwys easy to do on a breakfast menu.

    Thank you so much for sharing, Uru…


  3. A_Boleyn says:

    Amazing meals, Uru. Even though I’m a savoury breakfast eater rather than sweet, your French toast breakfast was very tempting. I may make myself some this weekend. And I loved your dad’s Affogato. I wish I could make biscotti that thin because the combination of candied nuts, caramel sauce, biscotti etc were pretty impressive. I seriously doubt it only cost $5 though … closer to $10 I would have thought. 🙂


  4. My dearest Uru! How are you sweetheart? I hope Uni is going well for you and not keeping you too busy. My daughter seems to be handling it ok.
    This place is magnificent! Love, love the cappuccinos! And my favourites were yours and your moms dish! Keep well xx


    • It is so lovely to hear from you my friend! I am absolutely fine, Uni is crazy busy but I am trying to get sleep in! How are you??
      I wish you were here, I would totally brunch with you here 😀

      Choc Chip Uru


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