Daily Archives: March 10, 2015


Because we are all PG here but you know what I am really thinking…

My phone got stolen yesterday (on my first day of uni no less) so the dinner I was going to review, the photos were gone, and basically, all my cards (credit, debit, blah blah) were all in the case too. And my whole life was in that phone but I guess pray to iCloud for keeping my data.

But I was card-less and phone-less.

But I have amazing friends so they kept me going at uni during the was-catastrophe-now-irritation *phew*

But yes, sorry I won’t be posting till all this is sorted out. Especially since I am an organisation FREAK, you can imagine how frazzled I am right now. I need to get new cards, cut those off, get a new licence and blah blah blah.

How do I know my phone was stolen and not picked up by a normal nice person? We tried calling it when I found it missing and it. was. turned. off.

The *&*$$$&*&*Y&*#*&^&*#… 🙂

Anyways see you all in a bit once it is worked over!

P.S This is the shortest post I have ever written 😛 It finally happened!