Because we are all PG here but you know what I am really thinking…

My phone got stolen yesterday (on my first day of uni no less) so the dinner I was going to review, the photos were gone, and basically, all my cards (credit, debit, blah blah) were all in the case too. And my whole life was in that phone but I guess pray to iCloud for keeping my data.

But I was card-less and phone-less.

But I have amazing friends so they kept me going at uni during the was-catastrophe-now-irritation *phew*

But yes, sorry I won’t be posting till all this is sorted out. Especially since I am an organisation FREAK, you can imagine how frazzled I am right now. I need to get new cards, cut those off, get a new licence and blah blah blah.

How do I know my phone was stolen and not picked up by a normal nice person? We tried calling it when I found it missing and it. was. turned. off.

The *&*$$$&*&*Y&*#*&^&*#… 🙂

Anyways see you all in a bit once it is worked over!

P.S This is the shortest post I have ever written 😛 It finally happened!


  1. Ahhh – hugs! This sucks and people suck. Good luck getting everything reinstated! I just lost everything on my laptop (as it, literally, just went kaboom) so, I am feeling you on the organization front…


  2. Liz says:

    not going to like this post because I do not like what happened to you!!! Am so sorry–rotten phone-snatcher. My 12-year-old daughter had hers stolen last summer and we figured it all out when we saw texts coming through the account on the website. Texts she was not sending because she didn’t have her phone 😦 Hope things turn around for you soon. Sending good thoughts to you.


  3. That’s horrible! My daughter had her phone stolen once & we called the company as soon as she realized but they had already made 3 calls to someplace like Nigeria. Just this week, she dropped her almost new phone & cracked the face. You cannot believe what we’ve been going through to get her a quick replacement using one of our upgrades.


  4. AHHH! I am SO sorry! That is completely horrible 😦 When Michael’s wallet got stolen it was the worst but I was relieved at least he still had his phone. I know you’ll get through this and you’re going to be even stronger! But yeah-take your time getting back to the blog so you can deal with all of this bull poopie 😛


  5. I am so sorry that happened to you. I remember when I had to replace my card and everything else. It’s infuriating. But things will get better an thankfully you canceled everything. There will be brighter days ahead.


  6. navane64 says:

    Sorry to hear. Do sort out what’s priority right now. I know what it can be like. Mine was dropping the memory drive with millions of photos. Couldn’t do anything, Well, that was the end.


  7. jama says:

    Oh no! So sorry to hear this happened. Keeping my fingers crossed that somehow, a nice person did find your phone, and all will be sorted out with a minimum of fuss.


  8. A_Boleyn says:

    What a miserable first day. There are lots of untrustworthy people out there unfortunately and you really have to watch out for ALL your possessions. Replacing your cards and notifying the companies involved will also be a pain. I hope the rest of your uni career gets much better.


  9. I do not really like this post, just wanted to show support. I am really sorry this has happened and hope you manage to get everything sorted before too long. I know how horrible it is to ‘ lose’ all your cards.
    All the very. Best to you. I shall await a new post knowing that means that you are sorted! 🙂


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