The Tragedy of A320.

I was going to post a review today but, instead, this is a small post to express and send out my heartfelt condolences to all the families whose loved ones were tragically murdered in the Germanwings flight, two of whom amongst the many, were our own Australian citizens. I say the word murdered, and though it is a strong word to use, I personally believe that it is the correct one.

In case you have not heard, it was the co-pilot of this fated flight who very deliberately, flew the plane into the French Alps. Someone with one of the most trusted positions in the world decided that the lives of 150 people did not matter and used his skills to turn the plane onto a destructive path. 

Initially when I heard of this tragedy, I assumed it was an accident. Is that not the logical conclusion to go to? I didn’t think terrorists, I didn’t think hijack, I thought awful, awful accident. But now, I am beginning to wonder if I should of thought of humans first, because it seems these days, so many tragedies are caused by our own kind, and the concept of ‘bad luck’ is fast becoming a myth.

We are becoming too intelligent to fall victim to accidents and too cruel to not create our own disasters.

I am angry. The level of ire I am feeling as I type is almost inexplicable, and there have been so many unhappy events in the past year alone, that I don’t know why this one has strung me up. Maybe it is because of the helplessness. The inability to act. The pilot locked out of the cockpit, the passengers in bewilderment. Like being in a car without a break.

All because of one awful, selfish creature that I can’t even call a ‘man’ right now.

Now, people may judge me. This co-pilot had a history of depression, psychological problems. He was cleared to fly, his sight, his hearing, his physicality in perfect working condition (how I wish it hadn’t been). And doing psychology, am I not supposed to feel a level of sympathy with one who always was, or became again, mentally unstable?

No. No I do not.
I feel no sympathy for someone, whose insanity is so far gone, their actions cause the death of over 100 innocent lives. 

The police remain unsure of his motives, was he suicidal, psychotic? Was he angry at the world, angry at a particular few, but needed to release it? Personally, I find it difficult to believe he was suicidal. I don’t know if that is what authorities will rule or rule out, but a suicidal man often does his deed alone. It is a heinous idea that someone so unhappy with his life would also take the lives of others. All out of spite for how his own existence turned out.

Reading over a few articles, there have been suggestions that despite being physically at a high standard, his depressive tendencies were a constant factor in his life. It has also been suggested that he was struggling with personal relation issues. Relationship issues? Really? The basis of this deliberate, voluntary murder was your personal relationship problems resurfacing your depression? How I hope that is media gossip because I can’t stomach the idea of someone becoming so deranged over an issue as such. It makes me angrier.

Regardless of his motives, regardless of suggestions of mental instability, I don’t care. This was a conscious voluntary act of murder in my eyes. And I know, it is not all black and white, but right now, in my mind, it is pretty clear. 

To all the families of the victims, there is nothing I can write, nothing no one can say to make it alright. But we can send our support, our condolences to each and every one of you. I won’t say it will be easier to live with it, that all you need is time, but we all know that isn’t true. So again, all I can say is that I am very, very sorry, on behalf of myself and my readers (I hope) and that we send our love. 


In terms of aviation, the rules are changing instantly. A two pilot cockpit rule has been established. A stronger, thorough, more in-depth standard of mental health examination is being erected, as I type, and tapped away into aviation administration. But honestly, did you not think of this before?

Paraphrasing John Gadzinski, a Navy pilot of 29 years experience (who has never had a mental aviation examination) ‘If you ask a mentally ill patient if he has any mental disabilities, he will say no.’ Are you going to tick off his physical and let him get on pilot controls? It is not enough to ask on a medical form ”write down your history of mental illness’. How many people are going to admit to it in the first place, denial being one of the worst traits of human nature. 

I may be a little pessimistic here but why does it seem to usually take a tragedy for humans to pursue intelligent change? 


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  2. Oh Uru, our hearts are filled with deep sadness and helpless anger that somebody has the power to change peoples lives for ever. We still do not understand how could the doctor keep such a vital information from the airlines. Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts and let’s hope that something like this will not happen in the future. Our prayers go to the families.


  3. It is a really tragic event and it goes beyond and logic the act of the co pilot. I can understand if someone wants to voluntarily leave this world, but I do not understand why he has to take innocent people with him! Tragic!


  4. Nessy Eater says:

    It’s so sad to hear about this. I really hope there is a way to cure mental illness. To those families who lost their loved ones, my heart goes out to them. Good on you for writing this post.


  5. Several days late it’s still hard to believe, isn’t it, Uru! It’s shocking and it’s unbelievably sad. Your words are from your heart, and I am glad you expressed them. I don’t yet know what the aviation industry is going to do to safeguard us in the air, but I would say that all pilots should be monitored much more closely and be pressed to mandatory psychological maintenance! You aren’t alone in your anger, my friend. I’m so glad you shared.


  6. shenANNAgans says:

    Good on you using your blog to post about this. I admire you Uru. xox
    I was so saddened to read the reports about the co-pilot, that is so scary. My thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the crash victims.


  7. Well done, CCU. Your heart really comes through and I agree with so much of what you’ve written. It’s absolutely stunning that a person would selfishly choose to end so many lives (and tragically, horribly, senselessly and irrevocably alter so many others – creating orphans, widowers, widows, etc.) because he is depressed and wants to end his own life.


  8. Thank you Choc Chip Uru for your well written and genuine concern who those of this tragedy!
    One cannot imagine how many people’s lives will be scarred by the lose of these people’s lives!
    The co pilot was not clear for flying on the day, so am sure the investigation continues of the how and why, but regardless of the outcome, no one can bring these people back to life and what a senseless way to die!


  9. thelady8home says:

    Uru, it’s so heartbreaking, on all counts. I am at loss…what has this world come to. It’s brave of you to write this, and express your anguish without trying in anyway to be politically correct.


  10. N Ullah says:

    Thank you for this. A real eye opener to the true reality of the world that we love in nowadays which is such a shame.
    Really heartbreaking that we’ve lost so many lives through the acts of selfish individuals. I pray that they are now resting in peace.
    Hope you’re okay Hun


  11. I’m glad you decided to write about this. Isn’t that what blogging is about, to voice these concerns? My heart too goes out to everyone affected. I’m still waiting to hear about further news–it’s so hard to make sense of these tragedies, and I do think there are always many different sides to the story, even if it’s clear where the fault lies. Thanks for the thoughtful post.


  12. kitchenriffs says:

    Good post. Hard to make sense of all of this, isn’t it? All those poor people — I feel so for their families and friends.


  13. Very tragic indeed. I was felt with disbelief when I read reports about the deliberate act on the part of the co-pilot and also it was somewhat scary. My heart goes out to the relatives of the crash victims.


  14. Ramona W says:

    Uru, you are so right, I call it murder as well. This unfathomably act of pure selfishness, by one insane person, took the lives of so many innocent people. I also first assumed it was an accident… but to find it was deliberate is just even more heartbreaking.

    Two people (Mother and Daughter) from very close to where I live also perished in this act of terror. Nothing can make the loss to that poor family go away. I think about all the lives lost, futures lost, potential lost… it makes me so mad.

    Like you, I have no sympathy for this person that took these lives. No matter what his life was like or his mental state of mind… you do not have the right to take another person’s life. He is a mass murderer and that’s all there is to say about him.

    We have to trust in this world… but with all these acts of horror, it’s hard to really trust people so easily. I am glad that the rules are changing in aviation. Thank you for writing this eloquent post. You echoed how many of us are feeling and struggling to come to terms with this horrible tragedy.


  15. glamorous glutton says:

    Very well said Uru. It is so very sad and like you the sheer selfish, self-centredness of it makes me really angry. My heart goes out to all those affected including the co pilots family who will also have to live with what he’s done. GG


  16. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    The fear for me is that any pilot suffering mental problems won’t seek out help because they risk losing their jobs. It’s a horrible situation. I’m glad for the 2-person rule.


  17. Oh, Uru, I share your pain and your bewilderment about this whole terrible tragedy. Those poor families. When we thought it was an accident our hearts went out to them. Knowing it was a deliberate act must make it immeasurably more difficult and my heart breaks for them. This is a brave post and I support you in your statement. x


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