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Diwali Baking #1

Hello my friends!
After an insane week of exams and hair pulling and eye gouging (no, this is not female wrestling), I am back to bake weekly after a brilliant night of Footloose-ing with mates (ILY Willard, Rusty’s blue prom dress!)

Like in my procrastination post before this one (oops!), I was saying how many things are fast approaching (and not just baking wise)

One of these is DIWALI! Indian festival of colours, this is the time when our house is the lightest on our street 😀

For Diwali is Indian equivalent to Christmas I’d say so we go around eating rich Indian curries (mutter paneer and stuffed cheese naan – YUM) and giving out presents – This year I was commissioned to bake for a couple of families specifically by my dear mother – DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?


  • I bake full recipes instead of quarters and eighths!
  • I bake during the night because it is a lot of work getting out cakes and truffles all day long!
  • I decorate the desserts!
  • I see big fat smiles (touchwood so far…)

57My first recipe was a German Chocolate Cake. It is for my brilliant godparents. Dam do they deserve this cake which I am so happy to give to them!!!

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