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Diwali Baking #2

Part two in my Diwali baking endeavours! Also made during the excitement hype of my end of exams night was the Nutella Fudge and then today, I learnt about the delights of truffles – White chocolate and lemon to be precise 😀
These were made for a very special family I have known since birth… good friends with a preference for sans oeufs here’s to you!


How can I describe making these – they are fun, they are easy and when you get to eat Nutella by the spoonfuls, I think they are a pretty big part of your daily eating plan (is that just me, really?)

These small  (you can chop the fudge up largeor make HUGE balls of lemon truffles) delights are extremely amazingly delicious. The flavour punch you get from each is awesome and balance of flavours totally works!!!

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