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CCU Undercover: Red Lantern On Riley

CCU was really starting to forget how to bake. She had thought ‘Holidays will end, and my kitchen shall come alive!’

Instead, what came alive was her car, stomach and wallet. Everyday, every night, whether it be for the world cup or for her friends, she is out.

Sometimes she wonders how she has the time to breathe! On her many adventures, in only the past week alone, one of the many places she has visited was Red Lantern On RileyWhat even is Vietnamese food?, she pondered to herself.

She was in for a very pleasant surprise…

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Red Lantern On Riley is a wonderful place. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this restaurant. It is neither pretentious, nor is it snooty in any way, despite its popularity and wonderful reputation. Unassuming restaurant, to the side of a quiet street (Riley St :P), you would not actually notice it much unless you knew you were looking for it.



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