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Feeling Spectacular

We have an overload of almond meal in our house. Don’t ask me why because I myself do not understand but all I know is that at once stage, there were over 10 packets :p

I really gained an appreciation I suppose for almond meal this way through my grandmother’s almond burfi, this delicious frangipane tart and many other sweet dishes. This appreciation however did not whether away the massive supply of almond meal however.

So I decided to find a delicious almond meal cookie recipe because as you know, that is one of the few ‘desserts’ or ‘sweet things’ which is eaten at my house on a regular basis (I question my background sometimes!). The opportunity was also perfect since my grandparents needed a nice large batch for a trip as well. I love coincidences like that!!!

I headed over to Joy Of Baking and found these cookies – Speculaas. Yes, I had no idea what they were but by substituting all almond meal and no plain flour, I knew I would use up quite a bit of meal so I really wasn’t too bothered.

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