I Had THAT Day…



I’m sorry, why the HELL, was my alarm going off, when I am on holidays? I think I could have cracked my phone, seeing as I was basically bashing the snooze button. At 5:30am in the morning (yes, uni, I give up a LOT for you…)

I finally trudged myself out of bed at 6:15 because, let’s be honest, no one gets back to sleep after Van Halen has been screaming ‘JUMP’ at you through your alarm… ugh…

Imagine baggy eyes, baggy sweats and bag lady hair. Then imagine that going outside to get the paper in the morning, and seeing some fit, hottie of a jogger run by. He looks good and he is sweating. I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t carrying a food baby, and I have just woken up. And I thought being 18 had its perks…



And then I am watching the match. The football match. Obviously.
And the stress of seeing my team win or lose is killing me, stress ulcers are popping away in my stomach and don’t even get started on the pimples of my face. I swear, adolescents should have a special cream to deal with the extra hormone release during the world cup – eye candy and stress levels increase dramatically.

You think I am joking? You should know me by now!

Half time. I brush my teeth. I get floss stuck in my teeth (thank you very much extra hygiene). And then I run out of hot water in the shower…


Typical? No.

Typical today? Of course.

I am in a ratty bathrobe, eating curry on the couch watching friends. I spill curry on my bathrobe. Staining. Major saffron staining. And then my nose starts running from the chilli, and I am just using my hands all over the place, one blowing my nose, the other cleaning my bathrobe, the other trying not to drop the curry.

You think I have 2 hands? Hahahahaha… not at that moment. I was going all Indian god on you and had hands coming out of all directions!


So, so far, ‘that’ day has not perhaps been the most rewarding. Hey, that’s cool, it’s all good! 😀

Because I am about to be baking some super radical, rocky road cupcakes! WOO! And then I make some more stupid mistakes that only happen on ‘that’ day…

I decide to put the marshmallow in the middle, you know, for a ‘cute little gooey surprise’. Um… perhaps I am feeling a little off… but I do believe I forgot that marshmallows EXPAND during baking? Thats why you bake the cupcakes, sprinkle them on top 2 minutes from finishing time?


Oh. My. God. I am just lucky they deflated and became s’more-like, because as I watched them bake, they expanded and grew, and grew, AND GREW in the oven.
And I was just sitting outside on a small chair, hoping to whatever I believe in, that the oven would not explode. Or the cupcakes would not explode. Though in hindsight, me sitting in front of them, probably not the safest option 😛

Anyway, cupcakes done. I ate one for good measure (edibility test and all you know! 😉 ) – What do you know, the little ray of sunshine – they tasted AMAZEBALLS! Maybe because I have already used this chocolate mud cake recipe, but in mini form, they were super moist and utterly delectable!


Ok, so life was looking up again right? Hmm.. not really. I start on the whipped ganache frosting I am planning to make, feeling hella awesome. I whip, and I lick the spoon and I am so ready. I whip open my cupboard, rummaging around for my disposable piping bags.
Guess what I find?

Nada. Zilch. Nothing. No piping bags. Just empty piping tips. AAAAAAARRRGH! (you may address me as a baking pirate…) 😛

So then I get a little angry. And of course, for the first time ever, over-whip my frosting. Because you can over-whip which has heavy cream as its base. Although I learn something later on (just see the recipe), as of that moment, I want to cry. Instead, I pluck up my remaining gumption, whip out a knife and begin Nutella-spreading the frosting all over the slightly marshmallow-deformed cupcakes.


I sprinkle it with peanuts, wedge in the amazing turkish delight chocolates that have kept me going for the whole day. Et voila. Finalement, je fini 😀

‘And at last I see the light… and it’s like, the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light… and it’s like, the sky is new!’

– Tangled (forever making me wish Flynn Rider was real… :P)

I guess THAT day wasn’t the worst in hindsight. After all, who would feel down after eating this sugary goodness of a cupcake no?

It also featured the relatively new NuNaturals product, Cocoa Syrup, which really added to the overall chocolatey fudginess when combined with melted chocolate AND cocoa powder!


Hope you give it a try mes cheris! But hope it is not cursed with giving you ‘that’ day as well 😉

RECIPE 😀 – PDF Format

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  1. Anna says:

    Boo Hiss! Hate those days soooooooo much, the dread seeps in the moment the alarm goes off…. Do you seriously wake to Van Halen screaming ‘JUMP’ at you? Glad the cupcakes cheered you slightly, chocolate & booze always does for me. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead friend. x


  2. Holy. Moly. That does sounds like a day for the record books (and not in a good way, mind you) but I do firmly believe that just one bite of your incredibly chocolate creation here could fix absolutely anything. Wow! I just wish I could put that theory to the test, too. 😉


  3. Louise says:

    A day like yours is certainly one for the books, Uru but look on the brighter side, that “cutie” could have been coming over for a visit and the cupcakes would have still been at the almost done stage with you sitting in front of the oven:) They sure looks yummy though so it’s his loss:) (doesn’t matter how fit he was I gurantee he would have wanted one:)

    Thanks for sharing, Uru and YES, I LOVE The Secret Garden! (and A Room with a View too:)


    • Hmmm he definitely did miss out on the cupcakes 😉
      I read ‘A Room with a View’ for my english exams last year, it is definitely a thinker – but Secret Garden just makes me smile even thinking about it!

      Choc Chip Uru


  4. Ramona says:

    Gosh, you make me laugh… you are so funny. I love your very numerous description with the curry and the bathrobe. I have definitely had my share of curry stains. 🙂 I have also had one of those days… and the only thing that would get me out from under the covers would be… one of those gorgeous mud cupcakes!


  5. Emma says:

    Yum they look delicious!! Love the idea of putting marshmallows in the inside of the cupcakes 🙂 and Chocolate is always the best cure when your having one of ‘those days”!


  6. Debra says:

    After a day like you’ve just described, you need all the chocolate you can get your hands on! These little cupcakes are really tempting! The cocoa syrup looks like a really good product. I use Stevia frequently, but not necessarily in my baking. Very interesting ingredient, CCU!


  7. Brittany says:

    OH MY GOSH I hate days like this, but I have to admit I sorta laughed reading this post. ONLY because I totally feel your pain. At least you got some delicious treats out of the day!! YUM!


  8. suzanne says:

    So sorry your day was less than perfect, however chocolate and/or chocolate cupcakes do make things a whole lot better Yours look fudgy and moist and delicious, a ray of sunshine!!


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