Easter = Chocolate = Mousse And Eggs

Actually Written: 29th April 2011

Wow, a Coles recipe worth hugging to your heart! This cake was made to
(and totally did) show the enormous number of Aunties and Uncles who show up for the annual house party just how
much you’ve grown without the awkward questions, the inevitable ‘school must be
getting serious speech’ and the occasional body check given by the Aunties very
close to you.


You know how this cake avoids all that? Well geez, how can you
miss it? The cake looks awesome, almost resonates with mouse-ly fluffiness and
did I add the fact that it’s chocolate? Totally an attention stealer!

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Cherries, Chocolate and Cream, so much cream…

YAY my first actual cooking post! Please enjoy =)

Actuallly Written: 24th June 2011

Cake closh – check; fancy topping – check, taste – hell yes, I mean check =]

My brother had a Uni party for the first time at our house and it gave me an
excuse to create a massive 20cm diameter springform cake (I usually have to cut
down recipes to 1/4 – 1/8 for my family unless no chocolate is involved and
still it’s half – sacrilegious no?)

Black Forest Cake 2011 Bhaiya Uni Party 2


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Welcome To Teenage Baking


I am very excited to be starting my own blog (something I have actually been doing on Word for ages but never got publicised)!!!!

I intend to give each and everyone of you readers something to feast upon (eyes and stomach) through brilliant recipes, pics and tips all round!!!

Since I have to add in a lot of posts, the dates will be clashing but if I continue at this rate, I will soon be up to date!!!

Look around, indulge and get yourselves into that kitchen with flour smudges on your nose!!!

Lots of Love
Choc Chip Uru =D

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