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Guest Post: The Dough Collective

This week has been super hectic, and writing for me has been intense, so, instead of hearing the drab, tired voice of yours truly, I want to give you an incredible guest post and recipe courtesy of a delicious new bakery opened in Sydney, called The Dough Collective!

This bakery is fast rising to be one of the most popular in Sydney, and considering its delicious range of freshly baked goods, there is no way I am surprised! I hope you enjoy this mes cheris! Now excuse me as I go enjoy all of Mothers Day with my ma!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day too! I promise a proper post to come soon 🙂

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The chefs at The Dough Collective on Sydney’s George Street have perfected a unique yeasting process which allows the sweetness of the bread to occur naturally meaning sugar content is low.

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