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First Summer Ice Cream

Ok so guess what guys, it’s guest-post request time!!! So next term are my half yearlies and being in year 12, they will be more than incredibly hard so I have to organise my guest posts now so they can keep my blog semi-going during said awful period 😉

Here are the details:

  • Due Date: I must have it by 26th January – I start school soon after – blech!
  • Subject of Guest Post: Anything as long as there is a recipe involved (savoury, sweet, beverage – your choice)
  • Requirements of Guest Post: Not absurdly short and at least 5 photos of your finished dish/method and 1 photo of yourself (if you are comfortable with it of course!)
  • How many do I need: 6 people – I already have Carla @ Eat Sweet and Bek @ Crave so 6 more would be fantastic
  • What to do: Basically, the first 6 people to email me at gobakeyourself@yahoo.com.au will be granted the spot – excess emailers will be put down and contacted for next time I have exams (which I promise you, will continue to come, trust me!)

So if you can, please contact me asap and once I have all future guest posters, I promise to send out a confirmation email 😀 Thank you!


Now that business out of the way, please enjoy the recipe to come!


Maybe because of my recent trip to India, but I recently realised that I may not have made any ice cream. And we are halfway into the beautiful season of summer with high temperatures, pools and shorts.

You may call me crazy, actually throw rotten tomatoes at me and look at me with disgust. Because summer and ice cream are as inseparable as Jekyll & Hyde. Though ice cream is Hyde because it is the evil – the beautiful, addictive, rich, creamy evil for the hips, thighs and stomach. Oh well, good with the bad ay?


May I just say though, that the recipe I am about to give to you more than makes up for the time lost? I hope I am not being presumptuous… Haha, who am I kidding, I know I am not being presumptuous 😀

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I Love Thee, Microwaves!

Oh how I love you microwaves! You are the fastest, easiest machines in the world which work as both a grill and an oven now for me, especially these long hard days of studying! Wherever would I be without you melting Nutella for my ice cream or warming up chocolate chip cookies! 😀

That sauce is hot, sweet and perfectly hidden in the middle of the cake...

That sauce is hot, sweet and perfectly hidden in the middle of the cake…

Anyway, excuse my ode to the microwave, I am guessing by now you know why I did it anyway 😉
I have always had a soft spot for anything that can give me a smashing dessert in a matter of minutes – let it be my microwave, my grill, my fridge or even my mother 😀
I remember my first ever microwave cake, courtsey of course of Not Quite Nigella, and her 5 minute cheesecake has been bookmarked for too long already – I vouch for the cake, even though I have made literally tens of.. well ok dozens of variations of it, the base is always so fudgy and perfect, it is a wonder it comes out of the microwave.

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