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The Concrete Jungle Part II

Even if Jesus was coming, I wouldn’t have to ‘look’ busy. I am busy. So busy that suddenly it’s been over 2 weeks and I realised that I haven’t written a blog post because I haven’t had the time. 

Where is the time flying, and most importantly WHY is it flying!? Slow down! I was talking to one of my American friends and she thinks this term is going snail’s pace – give me snail’s pace so I have time to see more of everything!

And then you have those snarky ‘whole year exchange kids’ with there ‘I’ll do it in the Spring’ quote … ugh… my distaste for them is obviously not driven by jealousy 😉 

Well, today in a snatched bit of spare time before dinner, I thought I would write up about the second part of NYC, since you all loved the first part so much + because I want to 😉

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My Visit to the Concrete Jungle Part I

*Image taken by WC* – Don’t our faces say it all? From left to right, there’s me, AC, NS (taking the photo), WC and a very happy RC!!!


I have been a bit more absent than I would like and considering I still have a load of posts to still write about my month-long travels before I even begin on my time in Boston, I am ridiculously behind schedule. But I won’t apologise because honestly guys, for the first time, it feels like I am living life as opposed to coasting through it.

I don’t want to get too ‘personal diary stuff like’ with you, but you know when you are living the way you are expected to? You are expected to go to high school, then go to university doing a degree that is expected to eventually get you a job and then once you are stable, you are expected to have morphed into a fully fledged, tax paying adult who has memories of parties and friends but really just a normal life?

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