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The Concrete Jungle Part II

Even if Jesus was coming, I wouldn’t have to ‘look’ busy. I am busy. So busy that suddenly it’s been over 2 weeks and I realised that I haven’t written a blog post because I haven’t had the time. 

Where is the time flying, and most importantly WHY is it flying!? Slow down! I was talking to one of my American friends and she thinks this term is going snail’s pace – give me snail’s pace so I have time to see more of everything!

And then you have those snarky ‘whole year exchange kids’ with there ‘I’ll do it in the Spring’ quote … ugh… my distaste for them is obviously not driven by jealousy 😉 

Well, today in a snatched bit of spare time before dinner, I thought I would write up about the second part of NYC, since you all loved the first part so much + because I want to 😉

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