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CCU Undercover: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Before I begin, sorry this post is so late! I had my mid-semester break (in which no study was done of course… but socialising aplenty…) and then I went on psych camp (party fest) so I was kind of tired and out of it and still am a little 😛

Getting back into routine is super hard! Anyways, I’m back for now 😀


CCU was vegetarian. She knew it her, friends knew it but unfortunately, the lovely PR lady did not. She hesitated in contacting her… should she ask her? Would she be offended? It’s not that chicken did not sound utterly incrediballs, it was just that she was vegetarian…

Sucking in a large breath, she typed in her response and waited… PING! Response received…. she could still visit the hottest chicken store in Sydney! And with her brother acting as an honorary tester 😀

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This should be no new news to anyone honestly because so many wonderful bloggers have covered this store, but here I am to spread the word about the glorious store known as Hot Star!!!


This Taiwanese takeaway has been building up its fan-base in the wonderful city of Melbourne, and is now slowly working it way up Australia’s border, now entering Sydney – I know so many people, even before I went, who visited straight after it opened.

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Guest Post #1: Green Chutney Chicken Fajitas

So my friends, once more my exams have come but at least instead of lasting 3 weeks, they are only lasting a week 😀 

In order to have some preparation time and all that, I would like you all to give a warm welcome to some stunning guest posts ranging from sweet to savoury (or should I say savoury to sweet) with a little surprise in the middle for you all!

As always, see you all on the other side mes cheris!

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