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Part One…

This is short, sweet and delicious – Part two will be coming in a few days time, I promise, just keep that patience 😉

And I mean short. Honestly, you guys will be majorly surprised considering I have trouble stopping my typing 😉


For now, enjoy the first part of this massively awesome dessert to come!

As you all know, ANZAC Day is coming up to commemorate our brave soldiers who fought in the world wars. I promise there will be more on that in Part 2.

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A Belated Tribute: Anzac Day 2012

ANZAC. Standing for The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. A word forever uttered with solemnity, dignity and respect.

Anzac Day. A commemorative day to celebrate those who fought for our country, pushed aside differences to aid each other as comrades so that their nation could forever sleep in peace and safety.

2016 will mark the 100th Anniversary of Anzac Day. Since 1916, there have been parades, marches, assemblies and speeches in every hall in Australia, as small as school gyms or as large as the Australian War Memorial.

Dawn Ceremony

Dawn Ceremony

Anzac Day initially began to commemorate the brave soldiers who participated in the tragedy known as Gallipoli. Eventually, this prestigious day grew in scope, and now celebrates the war efforts of all involved – soldiers, nurses, doctors, carers, the list goes on – everyone who made a stand and helped their country to allow it the freedom we all experience today.

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