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Dear Popeye…

Dear Popeye,

How I feel sorry for the children of the today subjected to crap like iCarly and Victoria Justice. How is that even a TV show as opposed to screaming, crazy pre-teens with canned laughter? I could go to a One-Direction concert and it would be more enjoyable to view it there :S


I suppose I am really writing to you to tell you about the cartoons. It will hit you harder considering… well… you are one… but I hope you understand that I just need to tell you that wherever you are, you make sure that none of the modern-stuff ever even comes in contact with you. Imagine if you went all HD and animated. I shudder to think of it!

Popeye my old sea-dog friend, there is no more Warner Brothers style Flintstones or Road Runner or Bugs Bunny unless you watch the reruns on the 90s channel. There is no more ‘Steamboat Willie’ with film-noir Mickey, or even any 2D versions of the Disney gang left I believe. Just the odd reruns of the Princesses because little girls still love them so much. Though for how long is my question…

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I’m Back Bringing Spring


Oh my GOSH, I have missed each and every one of you sooooo much (no joke, as if you can’t tell!) and the whole feeling of blogging and oh wow, it just feels so fine to be back and blogging with you darling people!

I swear though the guest posts were so well received, I have to say a big thank you to these talented bloggers as well as you guys…. so THANK YOU 😀

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I am slightly happy right now 😉


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