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Welcome 2012 With Mangoes Turned Ice Cream

I wrote in my diary today. I have to mention this obscure fact because I got such a thrill in writing the date – January 1st (whatever) 2012!!!

I cannot believe Christmas, New Years, it has all gone! The festive season is closing to an end again already – just when you think it has all begun!!! But never fear – after all, with 2012 comes new school year, new experiences, new people and lots of new things to do!!! And I am still on holidays for 1 WHOLE MONTH still (jealous?) 😛

5In order to commemorate this new year and the fact that Summer is finally making an appearance in our obviously very cold Australia (today is a whopping 28 degrees with blue skies for as far as the eye can see :D), I decided to make something simple, easy and refreshing – I think that screams ice cream, but not the French custard style ice cream, but the Philadelphia style (because it is so much easier!)

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