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CCU Undercover: Red Spoon Thai

CCU breathed in the smell of peanuts and coconuts, their aromas tickling her tastebuds as she walked through the crowded streets. A merchant here, a food stall there, there was just too much!

Well she had to start somewhere so she ambled over to an exotic location where the scent was especially strong.

Mmmmm…. was her last thought before she shut the door behind her

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Guys I apologise today that I do not have a recipe to share with you all (though I am planning to this weekend :D) – in its place, I have decided to take you on my Thai adventures so you do not get huge withdrawal from your lack of Go Bake Yourself (a real condition with symptoms include grumbling stomach, lack of chocolate and hallucinations of Nutella)

Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful, magical world of Thai food. Simple, exquisite and no pretentiousness, just classy, ambience. Dark oaks mixed with crimson as well as darker lighting set the mood inside but we sat outside with the sun waving goodbye.


Perfectly set tables with a very innovative idea for a pre-packed hand sanitiser for your use either before or after your meal. Promoting hygiene before eating is such a big plus!

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