Baking snakes is not good in a cake…

Actually Written: August 4th 2011

That is why this is a NO-BAKE Snake Cake.

Well, this was one of those cakes that looks too good to eat – that’s when you KNOW it is an awesome recipe


This cake was actually much easier than I thought – I
figured all this icing was bound to kill and it was difficult to handle at
first admittedly, but as time progressed the snake ‘skin’  just got smoother and smoother (and covered
with chocolate peanut M&Ms…yum!!!)


I would recommend using store-bought rolletes for this
recipe for 2 reasons

  1. If you are anything like me, then the rollete you make at home won’t have that
    beautiful round shape and be a little squashed at the top – no good because
    this cake requires circular-arity!!!
  2. Homemade ones tend to be more crumbly, and crumbs and icing is a no go-zone, believe

But if you are the rollete master, go right ahead =) –
Just make sure there is no chocolate involved since green icing does not cover
it all that well…

Head on over to for
tips and icing recipe on making this divine creation!

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