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The Monkey Within – Banana Bread #1

I wish to unleash my banana loving spirit (which I believe every human deep down has inherited from our ancestors) by trying to find the best banana bread recipe.

My family find banana bread to be a staple breakfast or snack. We go out – Banana bread. We have a coffee – Banana bread and wow, watch out because when they mix it up, it becomes a fruit and nut bread.


In order to satisfy said family, I decided to find a perfect one which is quick and easy to whip up (despite Australia’s horrendous banana prices). This one was the first one I tried and OBVIOUSLY, I got it from Exclusively Food as my starting point.

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Blacks Dots In Yellow Haze

What else could it be but lemons and poppyseeds?

There have been many a cake and muffin but when I chanced upon this recipe of cookies, I had to make them. For many reasons too.


1. Love the combination of citrus and poppyseed – so light and refreshing

2. This recipe can be easily changed to be orange, lime (add a little extra sugar) etc.

3. The recipe was fast and easy and due to the morning tea-with-light-cookie habit at my house, it would be perfect =)

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Ravioli can apparently become a cookioli…

Actually Written: TODAY =D

According to the brilliant Bakingdom, a favourite blog of mine, the title is true. She
did even give proof of her own beautiful cookie! So I was intrigued and had to try it. End of story. It was brilliance x2 (because of the 2 flavours!)


Have I mentioned I am on a quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie? No? Well, so is every other baker so I am guessing you probably figured. Anyway, I have some
categories for all the recipes I try. I am a chewy soft lover (Exclusively Food winning that section) and now for my crisp and crunchy (my mum’s style) I have the chocolate chip dough from this cookioli!

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