If you’re feeling passionate… use passionfruit

Actually Written: 10th September 2011

Personally I quite like sweetened condensed milk. It is used in cheesecakes, fudges and even ice cream. It’s very versatile. Like this slice.


Lemony but sweet. Crunchy seeds in a soft and smooth texture. I like it. I like it a lot.

Unfortunately, the reason behind this slice is quite sad. No, no deaths, no rat plagues, no lack of chocolate. Procrastination. Pure and simple. A 5 minute English speech will force you to do that. 5 MINUTES!

It is actually on whatever you want it to be on. You have to find a quote from some text you’ve studied and take it wherever you want from there. I know, should be easy rambling. But give me some incentive to start!!! Now if, say, somehow I could bring chocolate, or this slice or some FOOD aspect into it, maybe I would get somewhere.
But until I do, I will eat my slice and contemplate getting on my computer for an actual work session. Wish me luck?


However, it looks like it’s just me and my slice for the rest of today. What a shame. Now that’s a lie ;P

Go ahead, you’re probably sick of my ranting (for now but you’ll be  back!) go and become one with
this slice (once more) from Exclusively Food!




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