Ravioli can apparently become a cookioli…

Actually Written: TODAY =D

According to the brilliant Bakingdom, a favourite blog of mine, the title is true. She
did even give proof of her own beautiful cookie! So I was intrigued and had to try it. End of story. It was brilliance x2 (because of the 2 flavours!)


Have I mentioned I am on a quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie? No? Well, so is every other baker so I am guessing you probably figured. Anyway, I have some
categories for all the recipes I try. I am a chewy soft lover (Exclusively Food winning that section) and now for my crisp and crunchy (my mum’s style) I have the chocolate chip dough from this cookioli!


This cookioli is a brilliant creation. It is a surprise inside which adds a gorgeous texture and aesthetic difference to the soft, chewy dark outer. I would definitely make this again. It is one of those recipes which simply works.

Thank You Bakingdom!


As far as the recipe, I didn’t change anything except:

  • Added dark brown sugar specifically for the chocolate dough and light brown for the
    chocolate chip dough
  • Used white sugar (by mistake but cookie dough was fine) in the chocolate dough and
    lessened it by 1 tsp
  • My cooking time was 15 minutes but that is all oven differences

Give it a shot =D


  1. Jess says:

    Oh my Gosh!!!! They all sound great but this one especially!! I’ve got to try it when I have some free time!!! Oh, and congrats for this awesome blog!!!


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