The Monkey Within – Banana Bread #1

I wish to unleash my banana loving spirit (which I believe every human deep down has inherited from our ancestors) by trying to find the best banana bread recipe.

My family find banana bread to be a staple breakfast or snack. We go out – Banana bread. We have a coffee – Banana bread and wow, watch out because when they mix it up, it becomes a fruit and nut bread.


In order to satisfy said family, I decided to find a perfect one which is quick and easy to whip up (despite Australia’s horrendous banana prices). This one was the first one I tried and OBVIOUSLY, I got it from Exclusively Food as my starting point.

This bread was in the oven in no joke, less than 10 minutes, and came out smelling absolutely gorgeous, looking soft and crumbly. Slathered with butter, there is no doubt in mind how much of a winner this bread is.

Stay tuned to this because I will also be experimenting with brown butter and cream cheese but as far as a staple banana bread recipe goes, this one is a clear runner for now…


Just be sure to note that you can make this bread with brown OR caster sugar but the brown sugar adds a much yummier richness in my opinion – especially when half the measurement is using dark brown sugar =D


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