Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

‘Someday We’re Gonna Get So Highhhhh…’

Actually Made: 9th November 2011

Well, I am back luckily in the middle of the week once more to show you guys a little bit of poshness – a soufflé.

Yes I know, so sophisticated, a baker’s horror etc. but seriously this is truly a simple dessert (after all, we made during school and managed to get out during recess – so cannot be too hard!)


Ms D told us some really cool facts about soufflés:

  1. A traditional soufflé is made by mixing a sweetened roux sauce (a flour and fat based French sauce) into stiff egg whites to give it a total air factor
  2. By greasing the ramekins with butter and sugar instead of butter and flour, the upper ‘crown’ or crust which forms above the ramekin will have a nice crustiness to it (before deflation of course) 😛

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