My Guestpost: Jumbo Chocolate Fudge Cookies

When I say JUMBO, what do you think of? Elephants? Acceptable, they are big, fat and adorable.
Or maybe you think buildings, rollercoasters and other architectural wonders which just make life a little easier because c’mon, who can live without rollercoasters, sheesh…

Or maybe you think about food. I am just saying, ‘Jumbo’ is just too playful a word for impressive skyscrapers and frightening-hurling-to-your-doom rollercoasters, a little too cartoon-character for elephants.

jumbo cookies 1
But for food its perfect. Jumbo buckets of popcorn, jumbo-sized frozen cokes, jumbo jelly packets. Mmm, works good no?

You want to know another thing that works well with ‘Jumbo’? Cookies. Big, massive, melt in your mouth cookies. Because I think I can vouch for everyone when I say that when freshly baked cookies come out of the oven, no one eats one and walks away. Why not make jumbo cookies and say ‘Hey, I feel good about myself because I had only one cookie!’

jumbo cookies 2
Sure one jumbo sized cookie possibly the size of my hand… but stuff that nagging mother voice to the back of your head. Seriously.

I can assure you right now + have JJ and Pie to vouch for it, that one of these jumbo cookies is not enough. Oops, what can you do at least I tried to help out the problem right? 😉

jumbo cookies 3
To get Jumbo-sized enjoy a jumbo treat, I today invite you over to Ms Claire’s blog, Promenade Plantings! Claire is someone who does not only have a green thumb, her whole person is overflowing with this awesome cosmic energy which makes her garden bloom beautifully and has a side effect of making her an incredible cook 😀
Thank you Claire and to everyone reading, come check out some Jumbo chocolatey goodnessRIGHT HERE!!!

Just one last question: Is the word ‘jumbo’ sounding weird to you now? Jum-BO, JUM-bo, jummy… wth*… 😉

*wth = what the hell… 😉

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  2. jen laceda says:

    Not jumbo enough for me…hahaha…I can eat a dozen of these…shhhhhh…I shouldn’t be thinking about these fudgy cookies when I am on my “diet” to lose the last 15 pounds of baby weight! Waaaaahhh…!!!!


  3. Oh no! I can’t see my earlier comments :0
    I made the comment that the words chunky and jumbo belong together when we are talking about cookies.

    These look so chocolatey and delicious too!! (Another two words that belong together) YUM!
    Plus I just realised you aren’t on my blogroll so I have added you 🙂


  4. Jumbo and chunky are two words I love to be associated with cookies!!! These look so amazingly delicious!!! I want more than one right NOW!! …and LOL, I always make sure I have plenty of people around when I bake cookies so that I don;t eat them all by myself 🙂


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  6. Hmmm….I had just typed out a long comment and then my internet froze and it dissapeared…I just hate when that happens! Well I guess you’ve been saved by my long windedness 😉

    As I was saying, your JUMBO COOKIES look A-mazing, and the more I say it the better they sound! 😀


  7. “Jumbo” really is the perfectly delicious description for these- Oversized cookies are the best, because they allow so much more space for the chewy, gooey center, which is of course the best part. Ah, now you’ve got me craving chocolate cookies and it’s not even 9am yet!


  8. A JUMBO post Uru 🙂 Thank you so much for promenading and sharing a jumbo recipe! I’m going to be making these treats soon, and I mean SOON. Thanks again for your guest blog, so much fun and all in your inimitable style 🙂


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