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You know sometimes I have to question why I am still blogging? Have you, all you wonderful bloggers out there, ever felt like that? Sometimes I feel like I am blogging not for myself, not for my love of baking, but to give the audience what I perceive they want.

I have to stop then.

I have to take a step back and survey my surroundings. Blogging for me is not a career choice, it is quite literally, a hobby. Some people pay for dance classes? I pay to keep a website running. Some people decide to go out every night. Some nights, I prefer my pyjamas and baking 😛


So why is it that sometimes, I feel pressured to post? I hate the feeling of forced typing, where my words don’t flow, and I don’t put my diary-talk into a post. Can you tell the difference? Though for the most part, I will be honest with you and provide a bigger slew of food porn than usual instead of words 😉

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My Guestpost: Jumbo Chocolate Fudge Cookies

When I say JUMBO, what do you think of? Elephants? Acceptable, they are big, fat and adorable.
Or maybe you think buildings, rollercoasters and other architectural wonders which just make life a little easier because c’mon, who can live without rollercoasters, sheesh…

Or maybe you think about food. I am just saying, ‘Jumbo’ is just too playful a word for impressive skyscrapers and frightening-hurling-to-your-doom rollercoasters, a little too cartoon-character for elephants.

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