CCU Undercover: Mooberry Dessert & Breakfast Bar

She felt like Pinocchio. It had been so long since CCU had stretched her legs and gone to her closet, looking past party dress, sweatpants and fat pants, for her trench coat.

She was all wooden, all rusty, and she could feel her skin scrape as if she had a million splinters stuck into her. “Just get past this’, she kept muttering to herself.

“Once you are into your reviewing, it will all come back to you…”

And it totally did. In the wonderful vicinity of a frozen yoghurt haven known as Mooberry

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Ok so I think I have the best bunch of blogging mates around. One such being Tina, who is a year older than me, running an amazing blog called Food For Tina! Now this girl has tons of contacts, as she reviews basically every restaurant she eats at, and she has such a spunky personality, you can’t help but want to keep in touch 🙂

Now, Tina got an invite from a Fro-Yo bar called Mooberrytheir most famous store being in Sydney’s hipster haven of Newtown, to come along to their launch for a new store opening in Neutral Bay.

This was so, no ordinary store. It promised three levels of absolute fro-yo mayhem, a catered dinner and, as you can probably tell, a full on red-carpetted event. Pretty darn awesome 😀
Now,  Tina already had plans for that evening, so she asked me to take her place. I may have screamed a little when I got her email explaining all this, but I was all condolences and said, for the blogging world, I would go.

Of course. 😉

This launch sounded super promising. Catered by the likes of Sam Thai, and sponsored by big BIG brands such as Peroni, Patron and Porsche (yep… the car!!!), I had super high hopes for such an amaze balls store!

DSC_0014So there was, feeling overdressed slightly, dragging my brother in tow to meander through the Northern shore and reach the dessert bar. Though I promise you, as soon as I got there I felt fine. There was a mixed crowd, albeit mostly my age or a little older (in the cool age of 22, 23 and 25!) along with a range of other bloggers, professional photographers and random plus ones/owner friends.

Some people wore faux fur, others were in T-shirts, some wore skin tight mini dresses, and I wore leggings. But everyone mixed because if Fro-Yo does anything, it brings people together 🙂

Now, I think I have to review the food (well.. dessert) and the launch a little separately in this post. You will see why. 😛

DSC_0016As far as the launch went, it was definitely set up to be quite a flashy, wonderful event. Professional photographers wandering inside and out, a red carpet at the front, and a wonderful staff greeting, posing and serving, despite being flustered at times. That was definitely great!

The decorations were jazzy, the signature moose-heads were glowing white and the live band was incredible! On the second floor of building (because yes, it is definitely quite floors), they changed each song they sang to incorporate the words ‘fro-yo’ into them, I kid you not! 😀

My favourite decoration was the shiny black Porsche packed outside. I would definitely drive that baby home but I couldn’t seem to find the keys…

DSC_0048Anyhow, as you can tell probably from the photos though, this place was packed. A small building of three floors on the main strip of Neutral Bay, can hardly be expected to house the roughly 200 people there. Maybe 50, 100 max?
I didn’t even get to meet and greet with the owners of this store!!!

I did overhear them saying that there would be seating placed outside the store and obviously, eating would be a lot easier, but I thought maybe they overbooked the launch slightly. Being unable to literally breathe on the third floor, my bro and I hung out mostly downstairs before exiting.


Having said this, being so jam packed into a relatively smaller area meant you talked to a lot of people. Once you made awkward eye contact that strangers do, you started talking and it felt really cool! We met a couple of random owner friends, and plus ones who literally were there for the free fro-yo, but I was also super lucky enough to meet some fellow Aussie bloggers!


I ran into Tania from My Kitchen Stories (we exchanged cards, kind of had a fangirl moment that I revealed to my brother later on!), was lucky enough to converse with Yael from the team at Eat Drink Play and actually died a little when I met the adorable Kelly from Ms Brûlée. She said she liked my blog. A super professional blogger told my face she liked my blog.

Gaaaaah. 😀

DSC_0015Unfortunately, the heat was making my bro and I both a bit crazy and I was sweating (TMI I know… that’s too much info, for non-text-talkers :P) so we had to leave early but we saw many people afterwards from the launch, who, I assume, left for the same reasons. My brother and I ended up having dinner (because Sam Thai provided canapés for the launch) at a Japanese Barbecue close by and I am pretty sure Miss Australia passed us.



Not a super pretty person. I mean legit, Miss Australia. I think my brother wanted a photo with her. She had an amazing pink gown. Totally should have run up and asked for a photo #regrets

Conclusion: Mooberry owners have serious contacts 😀

So yes, a little more intimate, and this launch could have been pretty perfect. But I am going to give it a nice 7/10 🙂


I bet half of you have already scrolled down, trying to find when I stop my blabbing and start describing in a food-pornish manner. We were greeted at the door, asked for our names, and entered to the smells of Thai appetisers mixing with the refreshing scent of fro-yo, hints of alcohol permeating the air.

Where do you think I headed? Right for the drinks of course! Jokes, jokes… no sorry true, I wasn’t to try the martini espressos they had at the little bar on the right corner of the fro-yo station. Now, I heard from a couple I was talking to that it was quite strong and delicious, but I actually didn’t try it.


Got a little distracted by the Bellini, a cocktail mix of sparkling wine and peach nectar. I’m just sorry I can’t show you the froth at the top (that photo got blurry when someone bumped me!). It was lovely, reminding me of the refreshing taste of Mimosa actually, but with a kick for the evening as opposed to a brunch. Sharp, but sweetened by the peaches 🙂


Besides the open bar keeping the downstairs nice and full, there was a selection of different appetisers from Sam Thai. Large foil tins continually being replaced, these contained a mix of curry puffs, chicken satay, sprain rolls and prawn crackers.

They were emptying so fast that a new tray was brought out and almost immediately had to be refilled! Sorry for the bad picture (lighting issues!). I tried a curry puff, and it was savoury goodness with a good crunch on the outside and soft, warm potato-y filling inside 🙂


My brother had a lot of chicken satay. It was his succulent piece of heaven. You could just see it would be full of flavour, not crusty or dry at all. The quality of these entrees was definitely quite good, and I love a good Thai dinner anyway, so soon one day, I think I might go and review Sam Thai on its own 😀


With dessert right next door no?!

Moving on to the most important business of the night. The frozen yoghurt of course! It was actually some of the best frozen yoghurt I have eaten.

I feel like most fro-yo shops tend to make it like ice cream, super creamy without the freshness that yoghurt delivers. Mooberry keeps it creamy, but fresh, and it does taste different to both a soft serve and ice cream, thankfully!


We were allowed two free toppings each, with the choice of coconut, plain, chocolate and pomegranate frozen yoghurt base. I’m sure though, that you were allowed to go back and get more fro-yo if you desired, a chance I don’t think, utilised at all! 😛

The range of toppings was fantastic! From chocolate to coconut, fruits to jelly, it catered to everyone, and it was well organised system, serving that much fro-yo to so many people!


My brother chose coconut, I am pretty sure, topped with a passionfruit sauce and blueberries. He was grinning ear to ear, and he does not enjoy dessert so much… 😀


I loved my pomegranate flavoured fro-yo, swirled perfectly and generously, and adorned by maltesers and bursts of green lychee balls. The generosity is what I really appreciated, it made the flavour even sweeter!


General Information:

  • I would definitely go back after opening – when not so crowded, it is in a great location, has a fantastic atmosphere stimulated by its decor, and the fro-yo is definitely better than commendable
  • I would give the establishment and fro-yo a solid rating of 9/10 
  • Now that I am in the city more often for uni, I will definitely be taking friends there to enjoy and review more flavours and toppings!



Shop 4 162 Military Rd
Neutral Bay, NSW


MooBerry Dessert & Breakfast Bar on Urbanspoon

*Disclaimer: Go Bake Yourself ate as guests of Mooberry Dessert & Breakfast Bar, but any opinions of the food and drink given in this post are all my own.*

Thanks for quite the memorable experience with really good fro-yo Mooberry!

Also, seriously apologising for how dark some photos are, but in the crowd and lack of proper lighting, my camera was not faring too well! 😛

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  4. Hotly Spiced says:

    I think a lot of these places over-invite because they factor in that there will be a percentage that won’t turn up. They clearly got it wrong this night! The yoghurt looks very good especially if you’re hot and sweaty xx


  5. mjskit says:

    Even though it was quite crowded it sounds like it was still a fun event. Always fun meeting other bloggers! Well, you certainly went for the drinks and food I would have gone for.


  6. Barb Bamber says:

    Aren’t you a lucky girl getting asked to cover that event? Our fro-yo doesn’t have appies and drinks like yours, so that was a nice addition. My daughter and I love fro-yo.. so if we’re ever in your neighborhood we’d def try out Mooberry!


  7. Hannah says:

    Popping boba!!! I’m not gonna lie, I love those things even more than froyo itself, and I have no shame when it comes to loading up on them at the topping bar. In the rare event that I can find a dairy-free base, that is one of my big guilty indulgences. 😉


  8. Catherine says:

    Sounds like a great time that you and your brother spent.
    Sounds like you both enjoyed your dinner and dessert.
    You really gave a wonderful review. It was enjoyable to read.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo


  9. YOU are sooo sweet bringing your brother w/ you, dear.
    This looks Fabulous. I adore looking at & tasting FOOD!
    Btw, my prediction is that YOU WILL be driving a Porsche before you are 25 years old. Xxx


  10. Debra says:

    What a fun experience! I think the opportunity to review such a nice event is proof that your opinion is valued and respected. And it’s great you had the chance to meet some fellow bloggers. This was very nice to read, Uru. I also thought your pictures were very nice. I didn’t find them too dark at all! 🙂


  11. cakewhiz says:

    oh man! i have missed u so much hun! i have been trying to stay in touch with all of my blogging friends through facebook but my little one is keeping me on my toes and i am sooo tired by the time he sleeps that i have no energy to visit blogs as much as I would like 😦 I am trying to get him on some sort of a schedule so that i can blog and have some fun too…hehe.

    Anyways, enough with my whining…i have been browsing through your last few posts and wow! everything looks amazing… you have been one busy gal 🙂


    • It is harder due to large number of people but it is fun 😀
      Who is this by the way? It came up with someone as some people see no name, etc. boxes to comment with… a little blog quirk I am trying to fix 😛

      Choc Chip Uru


  12. I looooooooooove fro-yo. For some reason, it’s something you get addicted to in college. I don’t know why. Of course, there are worse things to get addicted to, I suppose. 😀

    I’m surprised that they charge by topping. Most of the fro-yo places are self-serve and charge by weight. But maybe that’s a Jersey thing.


  13. Well hello, Miss Choc chip aru if it wasn’t so loud and hot in their I might have put two and two together and come up with go bake yourself. I only know you as choc chip aru . It was a pleasure to meet you. I am happy you got the invite and happy you had a great time. thanks for introducing me to some of the other blogs you like too.


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