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More Gold Than Green…

It feels like Australia Day is never ending this year. Why?

DSC_0692 1

Because the hot, sweltering barbecue-eating, beach-swimming, singlet-wearing weather I associate with it is just not seeming to end! I cannot get over how golden the sun is.

And how hot the temperatures are, by Odin, by Thor, by Jupiter, by every ancient god ever, DAMN… it is hot.

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Australia Day 2014!!!

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… Kind of been ingrained into us Aussies since before we started kindergarten, so please forgive the outburst.

Though honestly, there is nothing to forgive, because, well, it is Australia Day, and I am pretty damn proud to be able to show my patriotic nature 😀

Whenever I think of Australia, I feel so so sooooo lucky, because there are a lot of things to love about it!

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Party In The USA – Part III

Just before I start this post, the commenting issue has apparently been fixed – if anyone is still unable to comment, please take a print screen of what your commenting area looks like, or of what comes up if you press comment, send it and I will forward it on to the blogging consultancy to try and fix it 🙂


This is the second last instalment to my ‘Party in the USA’ series, but I promise you my friends, it will be not be boring, and definitely full of good foodieness 😉

Despite what you may think, I am not done with the Caribbean yet, not at all! One post would definitely not be enough to capture the absolute gorgeousness of the islands, and I have not even shown you the local food.


Shame on me, shame on me, shame on me 😛

But that’s ok!

I think perhaps my favourite island from all the wonderful islands we set foot on was the magnificent St Maartens. And yes, that is not a misspell. You see, this particular island is seriously weird in that it is split between Dutch and French ownership.


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Party In The USA – Part II

So, I waasss enjoying the last days of my holiday in Belgium and Paris, eating chocolate while I being drawn like a French girl 😉 – but now back to reality and I’m home.

With my buddy… Jetlag.

Buuuut that is all good cos I am ready to bake more than ever before uni starts in one month – eek!

Until then, read on about my previous holiday 😀



Ok, so I name this post ‘Party in the USA’ to go along with the theme from my last post about my last trip… but to be quite honest, this post should be called Party In The Caribbean because that is what it was!


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CCU Undercover: Qantas Flight

So I am now in jolly ol’ England, specifically London, home to the Doctor, to Sherlock, and some of the most talented actors and actresses in the world. Where kings were beheaded, where hauntings are aplenty, and where there is a bit of magic in the air.

And where the accent just makes me want to cry with happiness 😛

London may admittedly be wet and rainy at this time, but I can’t say it really detracts from the beauty of seeing Big Ben or Windsor Castle. Vinegar soaked chips greasing newspapers and old style pubs at every corner, I think I am going like this city a lot 🙂


review title

So, before I left for Europe, I was partying in the USA if you may recall! But to get to such a party, it is basically impossible to have a comfortable trip.

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Holiday Post #4: Mini Velvet Christmas Bundts

I am in Rome. With Colosseums and cute Italian boys and fascinating sculptures and cute boys that look like them. Definitely in a wonderful place right now 😉

But seriously, even though I am writing this way before I actually go, I can guarantee that I am having the best time of my life right now, travelling with my friends and enjoying Europe to its height!

Best post Christmas ever right!? 😉


I hope each and every one of you is having just as much amazing fun, and also have had the most incredible New Year’s bash, full of fireworks, dancing and good wishes!

But now the time has come to face 2014 😀

Eat cake first, before you do anything else though (I have wonderful philosophies!) 😛

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