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CCU Undercover: Heston For Coles Launch

CCU was just feeling… dandy… honestly she didn’t know any other way of saying ‘utterly excited beyond actual words’ in a single word! After all, dandy should not even be considered a word, it is just that… jolly.

Making it perfectly natural for her to use it. But… anyways (gosh, CCU has an awful habit of going off on tangents), she had recently been invited to the launch for an incredible, incredible chef’s new range of take-home meals. 

Thus said feeling of dandy. She didn’t even bother grabbing her trench for this event, it would just slow her down…

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If you are my Facebook friend, or follow my Facebook page, then you probably saw a photo come up – that is from the launch for Heston Blumenthal, one of the most creative and successful chefs in the existence of all chefs!!! 😀

I love you guys, you know I do, but I am not going to lie. if you have not heard of Heston, I believe you may be living under a rock.

A rather large rock at that. But I suppose you could always toss it aside and go stalk his career on the internet 😛


Why is such a success? Heston Blumenthal (I’m sorry, it’s just… his name is so cool!) has a mind that works with food like no other. He has studied molecular gastronomy, has worked with Oxford psychologists to understand the psychological aspect of eating, and, is a self-taught chef yet, who has interned at some stage with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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CCU Undercover: Mooberry Dessert & Breakfast Bar

She felt like Pinocchio. It had been so long since CCU had stretched her legs and gone to her closet, looking past party dress, sweatpants and fat pants, for her trench coat.

She was all wooden, all rusty, and she could feel her skin scrape as if she had a million splinters stuck into her. “Just get past this’, she kept muttering to herself.

“Once you are into your reviewing, it will all come back to you…”

And it totally did. In the wonderful vicinity of a frozen yoghurt haven known as Mooberry

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Ok so I think I have the best bunch of blogging mates around. One such being Tina, who is a year older than me, running an amazing blog called Food For Tina! Now this girl has tons of contacts, as she reviews basically every restaurant she eats at, and she has such a spunky personality, you can’t help but want to keep in touch 🙂

Now, Tina got an invite from a Fro-Yo bar called Mooberrytheir most famous store being in Sydney’s hipster haven of Newtown, to come along to their launch for a new store opening in Neutral Bay.

This was so, no ordinary store. It promised three levels of absolute fro-yo mayhem, a catered dinner and, as you can probably tell, a full on red-carpetted event. Pretty darn awesome 😀
Now,  Tina already had plans for that evening, so she asked me to take her place. I may have screamed a little when I got her email explaining all this, but I was all condolences and said, for the blogging world, I would go.

Of course. 😉

This launch sounded super promising. Catered by the likes of Sam Thai, and sponsored by big BIG brands such as Peroni, Patron and Porsche (yep… the car!!!), I had super high hopes for such an amaze balls store!

DSC_0014So there was, feeling overdressed slightly, dragging my brother in tow to meander through the Northern shore and reach the dessert bar. Though I promise you, as soon as I got there I felt fine. There was a mixed crowd, albeit mostly my age or a little older (in the cool age of 22, 23 and 25!) along with a range of other bloggers, professional photographers and random plus ones/owner friends.

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