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CCU Undercover: Cake, Bake & Sweets Show Part #1

I am genuinely not even going to begin with my customary, third person introduction because you guys are about to be taken on a very long journey through the world of sweets.

I really suggest snuggling down, grabbing some savoury snacks, popcorn preferably, because I am about to take you on a candy roller coaster of sweet, sweet, and a little bit more sweet fun 😉 – if you didn’t have a cavity before, I assure you, you will after reading this post.

Consider that my only warning!

And remember… this is only part 1. Yes, I am rather thorough 😉

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I think the best way to go about showing you all the wonderful world of the Cake Bake & Sweets Show, is to start riiiight from the beginning! Located at Sydney Olympic Park’s Showground Dome, it covered massive area, and the entire festival was located in a covered location, which was a great idea in case of weather!


Though we were lucky and had a sunny day anyway – doesn’t my mummy look pretty? I don’t think you have face-met her before 😀

We ambled over to the massive dome, and I got my press release (MEDIA ZOMG) badge, though I totally kept my cool, and may have kept flashing it “accidentally” at all the security people, because I felt super important. Then, by extension, it was really cool, my mum was also included as being media by extension, because she came as my guest! We both kept our lanyards, it will make good stories in the years to come! 😉


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CCU Undercover: Launch of Moutai, Australia + Giveaway!!! (Closed)

CCU was pondering on how to tell you guys, being in Australia, and being 18, that she had… you know… drunk alcohol. It seems like a touchy topic, she didn’t know why, after all, almost everyone drinks it.

But it made her feel like she had lost her childlike innocence. Despite openly loving tiramisu and Bailey’s chocolate mousse, she still felt it was different.

Suddenly, opportunity arose in the form of  an invite to the launch OF an alcoholic drink. Now she could classily, hopefully, tell you guys that yes.. she had indeed tried alcohol… she just had to be tactful… like speak through third person… 😉

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My friend (let us call her Sis) and I were walking down Sussex St, wandering and wandering, trying to reach the location, when BAM! We were confronted by flowers, a bright red carpet and a distinct Asian theme in the air… though of course, we were basically in China Town 🙂

AS1_0038-2You see, we were there as I was generously invited to attend the launch of Moutai Australia (pronounced Mau-tie). This is indeed, as I very subtly hinted at the beginning of this post, an alcoholic beverage, but it is a highly prestigious one, being China’s national drink.

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Brother’s Throwback

There are a lot of universal questions out there, questions that I have learnt through psychology, that are actually unanswerable, as they cannot be empirically measured.

Why am I using smart language? Because I am sitting in the grass on a lawn at my university typing away, pretending I am doing actual big person stuff, when really, I am promoting food porn…

But back to those types of questions, the types that now, I feel like I am not allowed to ask in the presence of those who do psychology, such as ‘what is life?’ and ‘what is my purpose?’


They are too philosophical, too broad, too unmeasurable, and yet, we all wonder about them. Let me add to what appears to be, the never ending list of  universal questions.

Is sticky date ‘pudding’ a pudding… OR A CAKE?!


I have been making this dessert (generic terms are best) for years, traditionally for my brother’s birthday so one special March day annually! And each time, while I cut it, spoon sauce all over it and serve a large scoop of vanilla ice cream next to it, I keep thinking… what am I serving?

What is it that I am feeding to people? How can I serve something and not know? What a conundrum…


But, this year, it was my brother’s 21st and it was about time I found out what was going on with his favourite dessert. Honestly, you want to know what I feel? It is SO a cake. I bake it, I cut it, it can be layered and filled with butterscotch buttercream (try that sometime!), otherwise it can be smothered in sauce. But at its foundation, it is a cake.

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CCU Undercover: High Tea w/ Peter Kuruvita @ Dilmah, Taste of Sydney

CCU opened the invite on her phone with shaking fingers, trying to figure out why anyone would possibly be hoping to contact her and be in association with SBS Food hero, Peter Kuruvita.

Scanning the message, she almost chucked her phone on the ground in a ‘touch down’ moment of happiness. But she didn’t. Instead, she sat down, and wrote a very calm reply while bubbling over with excitement, similarly to a newly opened bottle of champagne.

Finally, the day had come when, courtesy of Dilmah teas, she was going to have a high tea with Mr Kuruvita. Only she didn’t realise that high tea in this case, truly did mean high tea…

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I don’t really know where I should start with this post, because in the past two years, this is one of the most exciting events I have been lucky enough to experience!

But I will give it my best shot 😉 – hopefully you will learn to appreciate both tea, and the effort that goes into creating it, after I am done!

The Dilmah tent where I experienced my high tea was actually located in a massive complex of various foodie tents and stalls, set up with tasters, food gurus and chefs giving out free samples and wine tastings. Bustling with bloggers and media to food lovers from all around Sydney, this show is known as the Taste of Sydney, aptly enough 😀


Located in the beautiful Centennial Park near the city, it was set up right in the central fields, with large signage and obvious hype surrounding it. Surrounded by massive geese, tall trees and flower bushes, all these pavilions were set up in rows on the grass, with the box office to the front. Featuring stalls from over 15 restaurants, countless breweries and with free goodies all round, it is no wonder they made this an annual festival!

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CCU Undercover: Yakiniku Koh-Ya Restaurant + Massive Giveaway!!! (Closed)

Ok, so before I begin writing about the *ahem* first AUTHENTIC Japanese barbecue restaurant in Sydney (yes, they are trusting normal civilians to play with fire and cook food), I have a massive announcement.

But before you get super excited, this applies only to Australian residents. (sorry international darlings of mine!)

There are times in life where you just want to see beauty unfold before your eyes. You want to see the colours come to life, the technique by which true art is created, and you want to sit back, relaxing in the talent.

On this one-off chance, you will also get to eat the art you see created!

Tickets on sale NOW banner

Want to know, where, how and when? Well… In three weeks I am happy to announce that there is an incredible baking event being held, aptly named the

Cake, Bake & Sweets Show

From the 21st to the 23rd of March, Sydney Olympic Stadium will be filled not with sneakers and balls, but a range of whisks beating eggs, fondant being rolled out like red carpet and frosting painting the town red (or yellow, or green!) 😉

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