I’m A Newni Student!

You know, it may surprise, but I do still have the ability to bake. Shocking I know, but it happens occasionally that I now actually have the time to chuck my books to the side most respectably, put on my TARDIS apron (I know, cute.) and get out sugar, butter and chocolate 🙂


It may not seem like it, considering when you look at my homepage and all you can see is CCU Undercover hogging away the front page and all. You see, if I start speaking in Freudian terms, CCU in a way, is my Id. My unconscious, overwhelming desire to go out and eat at every restaurant, regardless of the penniless consequences to come. She is impulsive, and merciless in using a knife and fork.


Meanwhile, Choc Chip Uru is my normal conscious, my ego. I’m rational about how much I am eating, I reason with how much I am spending, and usually, I focus my conscious attention on baking. Seems like my Id has been getting the better of me but that comes to a screeching halt right now!


It just dawned on me, literally while I was coming home on the bus (takes around 1 1/2 – 2 hours so a lot of time for reflection no?), that despite the fact that in the past couple of posts, I have enlightened you on new restaurants  and of inaugural baking events, I have scarcely mentioned my life as a uni student.


Actually a new uni student – Turning three syllables into two because I am being lazy #unilife 😛

Being a newni student is much harder than I thought. I kid you not, its as if school was this little tiny cutesy place. I can’t even remember having ‘periods’ of class – Its adorable that I used think that was difficult (self patronising)


When it comes to my university, it seems that whoever the genius was who had it built decided that a mountain was the perfect location. Ok, perhaps I exaggerate. Its built on a really big close-to-mountain hill. A really big hill that at some stage was probably inhabited by massive mountain…. err… I mean… hill trolls that used to guard their position as so close to the sun.


It is not fiction. It is so fact.

Anyway, because of this blasted hill, my uni is famous for, amongst scholarly attributes, its stairs. You know stairway to heaven? Led Zeppelin probably trekked it from lower campus to upper campus and was so inspired, he wrote that incredible song. True story.


Being new to the whole idea of ‘exercise’ while student-ing, I am not even kidding you, I am usually shallow breathed and red faced by the time I reach upper campus. And it is just so obvious that I am a newni student because my calves do not rival Aphrodite or Adonis’ yet. By the time I graduate, seriously, just slap me if I am not entering ‘Best calf’ competitions, because those stairs are going to make a man out of me (cue Mulan singing for all Disney fans out there!) 😛


What else has made me really feel like a newni student? Besides the sheer size of course, I would like to introduce to the library. A library that is 14 stories high all up. Sounds impressive right? Well, I know for fact that an older student who will not be mentioned has never bothered to even find a book in it.


She is actually my idol because I just know that if I try and be all scholarly, finding journal articles in dusty big books, I am going to do an ‘Evy’ from ‘The Mummy’ and confirm my image as the absolute biggest klutz to walk the earth. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please check out the clip below and chuckle to yourself 😉

And I won’t even look as good being klutzy like Rachel Weisz. So I’ll stick to internet thanks 😛

As a newni student, I have also become accustomed to the universal principles of university life. You are allowed only 2 of these three things, according to law:

  1. Social Life
  2. Study
  3. Sleep


Write now, I am balancing all three but I am pretty sure the universe is about to catch up with me, tip me over the precipice I am currently standing on and kill my sleep. That’s just the law, take it or leave it kind of thing. Thank god they have made eye bag concealers now, officially going to be my new best friend.

On that note, whoever made 24 hours in the day, please, go revise your system and make it 48.

– Sincerely, every uni student to date 🙂


 Ok, I know from the sounds of it, I am giving you only a basic, very generalised view of uni, haven’t really specified exactly. Honestly, I suppose it is because it is very difficult for me to actually do so!

The opportunities I have right now are amazing – I can apply for internships, to be a research assistant to proper professors, to be part of my university’s leadership program. I can put my name down for exchange programs, I mean, can you imagine one day me writing from Denmark?!


And don’t even get me started on what I am learning. My degree is actually psychological science, with me probably majoring in marketing? Because that way I can go into advertising and all 😀 Although be warned, I learn something new everyday so I am probably going to be a rollercoaster ride of random decisions to follow!

All in all, I am loving being a newni student. Sure, my hair is always a tangled mess and my skirt blows up more time than I can count because of the abnormal amount of wind. Sure, I am breathless because by the time I reach upper campus, my legs are like jelly. It is so worth it when you have no uniform to wear, parties to go to and amazing things to learn 😀


I am also loving my newni status because it means I have an excuse to eat more snack foods – longer uni hours means more food = cookies. Specifically in this case, chocolate chip shortbread cookies.

Crumbly but crunchy, buttery and perfect sweetness accentuated when you luckily get some chocolate chips, these cookies finished in 3 days. You wouldn’t believe me but they lasted only one weekend. And to think, I wanted to give them out during Easter time (though I have another special treat for that coming up! :P)


You simply must try these cookies guys, newni student or not! Now if you will excuse me, I have to go snack and trek and study and party, while sleeping on the bus home… 😉

RECIPE 😀  – PDF Format

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  1. Uru, your description of the transition from high school to college was spot on — an entirely different world. And apparently one with mountains… hills. 😉 You’ll be sprinting up them in no time, especially with these delectable shortbread cookies fueling your physiology! Congrats on being a newnie!


  2. Lilly Sue says:

    These shortbread cookies look so amazing!! And I am so glad you are getting along well at your university. It is a bit of a shock- the transition from high school to college. Hang in there! You are doing great 🙂


  3. I may sound like an old grandma or mom or auntie, but seriously, those university days pass by so quickly. I vividly remember those days, BUT I’m somehow close to 40, and I remember when I was 20! All I can say is to live to the fullest. You will be saying that to someone in 20 years one day… remembering about your college days, where time has gone?! Good luck!


  4. BOOM… Look at you, a newni student. Such fun. I never did the Uni thing, but as an apprentice chef, it was always the sleep bit that lost out. 🙂 I am impressed with your baking lovely one. Such a great go to recipe, and with the addition of choc chips = Amaze balls 🙂
    PS: I totally thought I commented on this post last week, losing my mind, or reading yours. Either way, fab post. xx


  5. Jo says:

    these shortbread cookies look delicious! good on you for finding time to bake despite juggling your uni school work, social life, and rest.

    You deserve the extra serving of cookies after climbing those ‘hills’.


  6. I am totally making these shortbread cookies! I’ve been sooooo picky these days with morning sickness rearing its head all the time – but these sound PERFECT 🙂 good luck with balancing everything, I remember how hard it was!


  7. Debra says:

    OK—If I ate this perfect little bundle of shortbread cookies, I would have to climb thousands of stairs (partially because I would probably eat the entire batch)! Don’t forget the social life!


  8. Annie says:

    A very exciting (and tiring) time of your life, CCU! I’m impressed that you’ve had any time at all to even eat, let alone bake! What lovely little shortbreads!


  9. I Wilkerson says:

    Congratulations on your new newni-ness. One of my girls went off to college last September and I’m sure she would agree with you on the 48 hour days and the “pick any three” activities! You know with all those stairs and “mountains” you can eat more of that lovely shortbread!


  10. **in Freudian terms, CCU in a way, is my Id** Haaa
    I just LOVE hearing about your adventures!!
    And the presentation here is faaabulous…just like you, dear. XX
    What are you fave. classes?


  11. Ramona says:

    Wow, my newni life seems like a lifetime away. I do remember all the walking. We did not exist on a mountain… but we did have massive parking lots that we had to walk from all the way to the main campus and then between buildings. It’s nice you can live at home and still go to school. I did that. I hardly had a social life there since I worked almost full time, studied and slept the rest of the time. So please to see you are giving high importance to enjoying yourself and making friends. I wish I had done that. Going to university was just a means to an end for me. Get the degree and get out, hence why I did more courses so I could get out in 3 1/2 years. Maybe I should have taken up baking like you… baking makes you such a happy girl. I could have used some baking escapes in my day too. Like these fantastic short bread delights:) Enjoy it all my friend… don’t rush through it like me… the real world can wait for you to be the best newni student you can be. 🙂


  12. Debra says:

    These bars look so delicious, and they’re impressive by being substantial. I like the word “newni” and I appreciate the creativity in conserving letters and still having a great word to describe yourself. I also enjoyed the video…but I would really love to see the giant library you’ve mentioned. Fourteen stories? Now that’s a library! 🙂


  13. Hotly Spiced says:

    I’m exhausted just reading about it. At least, with all those stairs, you won’t have to worry about going to the gym – that’s one thing you can take out of your schedule. Your degree sounds really interesting but yes, uni is such a change and a huge contrast from school xx


  14. Cakelaw says:

    So glad you are enjoying Uni, despite the hills. I was a geek – I chose study and sleep – although had very little of the later during some exam periods. These shortbread look nom!


  15. mjskit says:

    College was some of the best years and I was in great shape once I graduated. 🙂 Sounds like you’ll be in great shape as well with all of those hills and stairs. At least you won’t feel at all guilty about eating these crunchy delicious cookies!


  16. Brittany says:

    WHOOO NEWNI! In the end it will all be worth it, just remember that when you REALLLYY wanna pull out your hair. Or just take some of these shortbread cookies with you EVERY WHERE YOU GO!


  17. LouAnn says:

    I am glad you are finally talking about your university experience–I loved university and if I were to return to one phase of my life it would be my years at school–I loved it so much (and did not really want to enter the work world) I went until I was in my late 20s–enjoy these years


  18. Balvinder says:

    Congratulations on your new UNI life. You are a smart and intelligent kid who knows how to balance everything. I love these cookies and , these reminds me of the indian style pistachio and cashew cookies that I ate in India.


  19. Sophie says:

    Good luck with balancing your life at Uni, lessons, partying & studying of course, lots of it! Thanks for these delightful looking chocolate chip shortbread cookies! They look rewarding after gardening a long time in my city garden! Yum Yum yumm! x


  20. Norma Chang says:

    Congratulations, sounds like you have adjusted well to uni life and doing very well at balancing your time and schedules.
    I would probably finish those lovely cookies in one day, never mind a weekend.


  21. Looks like you have a handle on it! You’re smart and you’ll do just fine. My daughter started last year (August) too so I know how you feel. Though, she seems to find time to be out socialising and getting her sleep! Wait…does that mean she’s not studying???? I wish all the best to all the Newnies out there. With a plateful of these wonderful cookies, I think I’d be set 🙂


  22. Both my schools were built into the sides of (different) mountains, so I feel your pain. The first one you had to hike up about 4 flights of stairs from the parking lot, and that deposited you on the second floor. There was this balcony that connected 4 buildings that everybody used. I don’t think I ever walked on the ground there except to go to the arts building, which was about a mile away from everything. The library was my favorite place though, because it had these giant picture windows on the top floor and these old easy chairs, a bitchin’ view, and nobody was ever around. *sigh* Now I want to go back.

    I totally did not bake at all in school, so total kudos to you for making the attempt. These cookies look wonderful. I love shortbread, and I love the addition of chocolate chips!


  23. The University of Tennessee is on a hill and it is freezing cold in the winter – snow and ice. In the summer it’s freaking hot and every day you have to climb the bloody hill. It’s called ‘the hill’ too.

    I feel for you. Now pass me a cookie while we compare calves.


  24. Alice says:

    What an amazing new chapter for your Uru! Love this tasty shortbread recipe, with the added bonus of choc chips! Will surely cure any late night study cravings 🙂


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