Happy Easter 2014!!!

I love Easter. Really, I truly just love this holiday 🙂

Christmas is awesome, Diwali is beautiful, but coming from someone who is nicknamed Choc Chip Uru, Easter is my heaven!!!


If it isn’t already obvious, it is because I am given a 4 day weekend of a holiday to enjoy eating chocolate. Since I am not religious, that is what, on base value, Easter means to me 😀

And I have some amazing memories associated with this festival! I mean,when chocolate is involved 24 hours a day for 4 days of the week, how can it not be right?

Let me take you back to the turn of the 21st century – I bet for you all who remember the new years eve of 1999, it must have been crazy exciting! If I want to see the 22nd century, I will be 105 years old… um… no 😛


But sorry, sorry, I digress as I have a tendency to do. Taking you back to 2001 (phew, what even were smartphones right?!), imagine a plump, big cheeked girl with black  hair, milk chocolate skin and a shine in her eyes. Oh wait, that’s me right now! Allow me to change that:

Imagine a plump, big cheeked little girl with black hair, milk chocolate skin and a shine in her eyes. She is clutching her school bag on her shoulder, before promptly depositing it on the shoulder of her mother because quite honestly, she cannot be bothered carrying it. She is too excited. In her grabby little palms, she holds a woven basket, whose stray straws are a little spiky. She doesn’t even pay attention to them.


Inside the woven basket, is her precious paint palette, a big fat paintbrush, a bottle of sticky superglue, already opened by the looks of the globs generously plastered around the opening. It also contains some small decorative chickens (for which this little girl’s fondness has, if any thing, increased) and a rainbow array of streamers, strings and easter eggs.

Her crafts are all purposely, deliberately covering her piece de resistance, a term she had heard some high and mighty year 6 girl use. Although she pronounces it ‘peace duh resister’, she knows what she means 😉


True story.

This ‘peace duh resister’ are little fake jewels (although she believes they may even have a hint of diamond in them), in blues, pinks and purples, sitting in their cute packet. She can’t wait to use them 🙂

She arrives at school, finally, those 10 minutes of walking really did a number! Stumbling past the older kids on the wooden A-frame, crossing the oval as quickly as possible, she rushes to her classroom to join her classmates. A quick kiss to her mum, she can’t remember even being quite so excited in going to her kindy class!


Her teacher, a severe looking elderly woman with tufts of white hair and mottled face, suddenly breaks out into a smile and wishes all the class a Happy Easter! She honestly didn’t even realise her teacher could smile still…

After handing out yet more easter eggs, which do not last long at all, she takes the whole class to the back of the room. There, imprinted on the carpet, were ACTUAL BUNNY FOOTPRINTS! He was here, hopping around and leaving easter eggs on the ground, in the cupboards, on our desks, he was actually here!


The little girl could barely contain her excitement, she simply had to write to Santa and tell him about this! Maybe he would give her the Easter Bunny’s address too?


And that’s where my memory ends. Of course now, I know that these footprints were drawn with chalk, and I know that all the arts and crafts I had were for my annual Easter Hat Parade (where you make your incredible hat to rival all the big brands out of cardboard).


But I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have that little section of this event embedded in my head – I can remember my thoughts, the scenery and it runs through my brain every Easter 😀

And sometimes, I still like to pretend that the Easter Bunny had really visited… Since it is an unfalsifiable statement, it can’t be disproved non?

But that is my first and strongest Easter memory. Perhaps it is time to make some equally strong ones now? I think these chocolate filled hot cross buns would be a good place to start.


Oh, excuse the error. Nutella filled hot cross buns. With chocolate inside. And chocolate chips and cocoa powder in the dough. With a chocolate glaze. I told you, 24 hrs of chocolate 4 days. Use it wisely 😉

The Nutella does not pool out of the bun, rather grows dark and delicious, as the chocolate melts around it. And then you spread some extra Nutella on top for good measure. Who am I kidding, I didn’t need to tell you that, you so would have done it anyway 😀


Do you lovely people have any holiday stories you want to share? I would love to hear about them!

Have a wonderful long Easter break and do me proud by the amount of chocolate you eat 🙂



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  1. Zoe says:

    Hi CCU,

    I’m with you with everything you said and baked with chocolate 😀 Can’t imagine my life without chocolate.

    Sorry that I’m late with my Easter greetings as I was away for a holidays. Hope that you have a great time enjoying your delicious chocolate hot cross buns 😀

    Your chocolate buddy, Zoe


  2. Debra says:

    Well, per usual, you have really outdone yourself with chocolate hot cross buns! I would not have even imagined such goodness. 🙂 I am getting to you a little late, but I had a lovely chocolate filled week, so I was in tune with you, after all. I have some Nutella in my cupboard. I think hot cross buns are good anytime, so I may need to make some this weekend. 🙂


  3. Louise says:

    I LOVE Easter too, Uru! It’s my most favorite Holiday:) I didn’t make Hot Cross Buns this year either but, I am certainly reconsidering after seeing these “babies.” Nutella Hot Cross Buns, oh my, nothing wrong with that! Thank you so much for sharing the story and the recipe, Uru. I enjoyed them both:)


  4. I love hot cross buns, and yours look wonderful with the chocolate! My earliest memory of Easter was seeing bunny footprint in the snow leading up to our front door and back down again. I totally believed in the Easter Bunny for years after that 🙂


  5. My memories are more recent.. the Easter events with my own children are my cherished thoughts! Watching them hunt for eggs and going for special brunches with them! I really enjoyed your story today, you must have been an adorable little Kindergartener:) xx


  6. I loved reading your story! How awesome of your teacher to do that and now you have that wonderful memory. I just have the unfortunate memory of the Easter bunny (in costume of course) taking off his bunny head. That was the day I realized the easter bunny was a costume. LOL
    Anyway, let me wipe the drool from my mouth as I stare in amazement. Nutella and chocolate hot cross buns? That is genius! Yum!


  7. I like you big strong punch! 😀 Sounds like you had “delicious” Easter, Uru! I’ve never tried hot cross buns before, but thanks to food blogging, I learned about it a few years ago (but not tasted yet). Love Nutella on anything~~~!


  8. You are a baking goddess…. Holy hubcaps woman, I literally leaned in close to my computer screen to smell & lick (hmmm… this is going to a place I did not mean it too) your delicious and oh so yummy choccy buns. (I swear, hand over heart, that is not at all dirty). Sounds like you had a splendid Easter. xxx


  9. Hotly Spiced says:

    What a lovely teacher to make Easter so exciting for her little students. I love the look of your hot cross buns. Mine were just okay this year. I don’t know what went wrong but they just didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. I hope Easter has provided you with the right amount of chocolate! xx


  10. Liz says:

    what a great story. Thanks for sharing 🙂 And lol, you did not just put nutella in your hot cross buns! I heart you so much right now 😉 How yum!!!


  11. Veronica says:

    Oohoo I love it! So much chocolatey lovliness! Oh and I’m an odd duck, I am religious and do believe Christ rose from the grave (hallelujah!), but that’s not what Easter is about to me! Easter is about chocolate for me too, so we have that in common. It’s so weird that Easter has turned into a Christian holiday – we make everything so complicated lol.


  12. I hope you had a happy Easter, Uru! What wonderful memories you have from your childhood. It’s so sweet you thought the Easter bunny really visited and brought all the candies. Some of my happiest memories revolve around Easter too. I remember holding a concert in the 2nd grade and we had a teacher dress up in a bunny suit while students hopped around giving out chocolates from paper baskets. So much fun! And girl, these are the best hot cross buns i’ve ever seen because obviously, Nutella makes everything better! I love it!


  13. Hannah says:

    Nutella buns? I don’t even celebrate Easter and I’m still all over your take on this traditional treat! Everything really is better with chocolate, and a touch of hazelnut, of course. 😉


  14. Cris says:

    Omg! These look so delicious 😡 I didn`t have 4 days with 24 hrs of chocolate, but I did have 4 days with 24 hrs of cakes 😡 Hope you had a great Easter!
    Hugs, Cris


  15. Alice says:

    I would love a little piece de resister too! Big yum to the double dose of Nutella and Chocolate hazelnut love inside. I hope you’re still enjoying your Nutella choc fest, a few days later now too!


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