Introducing: Leah Borski & Giveaway!

Last year, not sure if you remember, I had the pleasure of hosting some wonderful authors on their virtual blog book tours! Lorna Foreman and Patricia Dean-Escoto introduced you all to the world of healthy eating and delicious recipes wrapped into one 🙂

And some of you were lucky enough to win their respective books!


Well, that time has come again, with another incredible author! I have the pleasure of introducing you to the amazing Leah Borski, she has achieved so much! 

With a bigger giveaway to offer, as well as another fantastic recipe, hope you enjoy this post! 😀

And good luck to you all!!!

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About Leah Borski:

Leah Borski is a family nutrition specialist and health coach whose passion is helping busy families with easy healthy meal solutions. She shares simple strategies and family-friendly recipes at her internationally recognized blog and website, as well as insight into some of the challenges and triumphs she’s experienced as a work-at-home mom of two and military wife who is determined to provide a healthier lifestyle for her own family.

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Her debut publication, the highly acclaimed “Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Super Foods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress,” showcases several of her recipes as tantalizing tools for busting life’s most prevalent stressors, offering a preview of her streamlined methods for creating single meals that satisfy the whole family.

She currently teaches “Kids in the Kitchen” healthy cooking classes in her local community, promoting nutrition education in a fun environment for parents and kids, and aspires to collaborate with local and national organizations to promote family nutrition and wellness in conjunction with authoring and publishing “The Family Table Cookbook” series of recipe/meal planning books.

About The Family Table Cookbook:

“The Family Table Cookbook: Whole Grain Pancake & Baking Mix” combines the superior nutrition of whole grains, fruits, and veggies with the convenience of a simple mix to create wholesome breakfasts, craveable snacks, fun lunchbox treats, and decadent desserts for family members of all ages.

If the phrase ‘whole grain baking’ translates for you as ‘dense, dull, and time-consuming,’ it’s time to try this fresh approach with one versatile mix that’s used to make all of the fluffy pancakes, moist and flavorful muffins, aromatic quick breads, and delectable sweet treats in this book.

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This convenient mix is made with easy-to-find ingredients and provides a simple solution for time-crunched families who need an inexpensive alternative to packaged whole grain mixes and a smart method for providing homemade. Loaded with the powerful benefits of hearty whole grains, every recipe reduces harmful fats and eliminates processed sugar by incorporating smaller amounts of natural sweeteners which are lower on the glycemic index.

Weary parents longing for a fuss-free way to get their families to eat healthier, especially those with babies new to solid foods or children who are at varied developmental stages, will find relief with the section of multipurpose Power Purees. Providing natural sweetness and a nutritional boost for many of the recipes in this book, these purees can also be served as individual or combo baby foods and as healthy additions to snacks for kids and adults of all ages. Simple, concise instructions take the guesswork out of providing healthy family meals and snacks.



Blackberry Cobbler – Kitchen Memories with Granny

Some of my very favorite childhood memories are of being in the kitchen with my Granny. Her constant humming while she worked soothed me, and I would watch her in fascination as she made pie crusts and dinner rolls, not only without a recipe, but without even measuring the ingredients! I would ask her, “How do you know how much stuff to put in?!” and she would say, “Oh, I don’t know, I just put stuff in until it looks right.”  As a young girl, the thought that her random dumping of flour and baking soda could possibly result in those amazing melt-in-your-mouth treats was beyond belief!  But they always did. And as much as I loved eating the delicious fresh-picked berry pies and aromatic breads, I loved helping to make them, probably a bit more.

There was something magical about kneading a ball of dough, so squishy and stretchy. Being chosen to use her old wooden-handled rolling pin to smooth out the piecrust into the perfect thickness and round shape to hold all those succulent wild blackberries was like winning an award! My granny introduced me to my passion when she invited me to help her in the kitchen all those years ago. I have loved cooking and baking ever since.


I now have children of my own. We cook and bake together often, and my hope is that the experience of being in the kitchen with me sticks in their minds as one of their most fond childhood memories also. The recipe I’m sharing from my cookbook today, I chose because it is very simple and quick to put together, which is important when you’re a busy mom (with our without helpers), and because it brings me back to the mouth-watering aromas and flavors I remember from my Granny’s kitchen so long ago.



I’d really like to hear about how you got started with baking! Do you have any special memories of being in the kitchen with your family?

Please leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your story!


About the Author: Leah Borski is a fitness and nutrition coach, healthy cookbook author, family nutrition educator and blogger. Her blog focuses on simple food and fitness tips for busy moms who want to improve their family’s healthy lifestyle. Get a free copy of her e-book “Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Super Foods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress” and follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


To hear more from Leah, and all about her future endeavours, check out the links below!

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Giveaway Time!!!

The moment you have all been waiting for! I wish you all the luck in the world!

This giveaway is actually happening on all the blogs, part of Leah’s book tour. If any of you, my wonderful readers, win, I will be announcing it on my blog, and you shall also be contacted by the publishing company running this giveaway 🙂

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Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Book Marketing Services and will end on 8th June.


In case you were not that lucky, not a problem! This cookbook is not to be missed 🙂

Where To Purchase: all of the following links:


Now that you are all entered and ready, was this not a wonderful guest post? Lovely to have you hear Leah! 😀 😀
You are truly an inspiration and it was lovely to learn more about you!

And that recipe? Oh. My. God. I am going to go make it immediately, it looks too good to wait for! YUM!

Don’t forget to check all her links!

Till next post mes cheris (where I shall announce the  winner!)

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  1. Louise says:

    Looks like I returned a bit to late to join in on the book tour, Leah and Uru! Sounds like a fantastic book which will make lots of new memories:) Thank you so much for sharing the story Leah and for the book tour Uru! The cobbler sounds amazing!


    • Leah Borski says:

      Thank you for joining us, Louise, even if a little late! I hope you enjoy the cobbler recipe! I just had a peek at your website also, and really love the older booklets and cookbooks you feature there! I’m looking forward to getting some time to take a better look around your site!


  2. Debra says:

    I’m so glad you have introduced me to Leah and her wonderfully delicious and healthy cookbook. It really looks spectacular. The cobbler is a winner, for certain. I am always interested in healthier options in my baking, whenever possible. 🙂


    • Leah Borski says:

      Thank you! Strawberries and kiwi sounds really delicious for this! What a great idea! I’m excited to try that too. I’ve never baked with kiwi before, so it will be a fun experiment for me!


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  4. Maureen says:

    I remember baking with my grandmother when I was very young. She would give me enough dough to knead and I ‘kneaded’ the whole time she did. I never knew she tossed mine out and made a new loaf just for me every single week. What a lovely cookbook!


    • Leah Borski says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your story! That made me smile. When did you find out she had been throwing out your dough?! I think it’s awesome that she let you do that and feel like you were helping!


    • Leah Borski says:

      I appreciate your insight! I definitely did try to do just that – make a helpful nutritional guide for families along with the recipes. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!


  5. I’m naughty CCU, I didn’t actually like baking until I was forced to learn how to do it as an apprentice chef. Now… I freakin love it, its such a great way to unwind and create mini edible masterpieces. Cant wait to share my next crazy cake with you. 🙂 I adore cobbler, we used to have a cobbler cake at the school canteen, the top layer was the BEST! :)Anyways, enough talk of sweet delicious yummies, better get cracking and get to work. Have a fab day darlin one. Thanks for sharing this, such a great post. xx


    • Leah Borski says:

      I also love the relaxation I get from baking! I call it ‘baking therapy’ when I’ve had a really stressful day and need to just get in the kitchen and throw some flour around! 🙂 Your job sounds fabulous!


    • Leah Borski says:

      I love that you have those memories with your mom and sister – I think it’s an amazing experience we get to share with our families! I hope you enjoy the cobbler recipe, and share it with them as well!


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