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A Hygienic Obsession (Giveaway – Ended)

Ok so this post was absolutely, 100% scheduled to be for the Christmas period. I was going to act like Santa, launching a giant sack over my back and Ho-Ho-ing till all of you guys were giggling – you know the drill!

But, my holiday mood kicked in and I got so busy, that the very ability to blog dried up and was forgotten in the corner, while holiday celebrations took centre stage. That along with other commitments means that now, I am making this a new years style giveaway and post for you.

You know, taking the whole new year-new you approach (as if that hasn’t been done before, but regardless, it’s all good!) 🙂

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Getting S’more Out Of Life + Giveaway! (Closed)

Bonjour tout le monde, I am finally back! After a slew of incredible guest posts, it is nice to be back behind my screen typing away! And today, I feel a bit like Santa as well so throughout this post, I may be belting out HO HO HOOOOOO periodically! 😀

Now as you all know, the holiday season is quite literally looming on the horizon. The christmas wreaths adorn every corner of every shopping centre, along with giant trees dripping in baubles. Candy canes and advent calendars are all I see when I shop, and in every cafe, there are hunking pieces of christmas cake being sold, some so hard you could break your teeth.

Aaah… classic holiday season. 🙂

But the month of December, at least here down under, also means heat. Temperatures exceeding 40 degrees C (AC time anyone?) and humidity that wraps around you to almost suffocate you at times, till the rain comes down and washes it away for a few hours. But along with the heat, comes the summer holidays. And everyone knows summer holidays means going out, into said heat, and busting out the picnic table, the golden gaytimes, the cricket bats and the aeroguard protection.

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CCU Undercover: Full Moon Thai w/ Menulog + Giveaway Announcements (Closed)

CCU was not in the mood to go out. She just was feeling lazy, tired and hungry. I do believe (and I quote) she said something along the lines of ‘It’s my exams, I don’t have to do nothing.’  Spoiled little person that she is. But then she had a fabulous idea of epic proportions – why not ORDER IN!! It is so innovative, she honestly should have patented it or something, looking back.. 😛 Now… what is the best way to order in without making it a hassle? Of course… Menulog review title

 We all have those days where eating out is not an option. It may be raining buckets and you are out of electricity, or it could be just a simple I-don’t-leave-the-house kind of matter, like there was with me. And of course at the same time, you can’t be bothered to cook.

Instead of curling up into a little ball, whimpering with hunger, than eating a bag of chips till I fell asleep, I decided to be a bit more pro-active, and hopped online (yes, that is my pro-active approach :D)

Have you all heard of Menulog before? I certainly hope you have as otherwise, you are missing out!! Established for users all over Australia, this website features over 3,500 restaurants to choose from for easy ordering, whether it be pick-up or delivery! Quite literally, Menulog makes take-away super simple, allowing easy access to a range of different restaurants, and offering special discounts and promotions on the side as well!


I think, quite honestly, the hardest part of using Menulog was trying to decide a restaurant actually! Should I go for Italian, with a touch of Chinese on the side, or perhaps go for Thai Food. As usual, and if you know me you should see this coming – Thai food won. 😛

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Introducing: Leah Borski & Giveaway!

Last year, not sure if you remember, I had the pleasure of hosting some wonderful authors on their virtual blog book tours! Lorna Foreman and Patricia Dean-Escoto introduced you all to the world of healthy eating and delicious recipes wrapped into one 🙂

And some of you were lucky enough to win their respective books!


Well, that time has come again, with another incredible author! I have the pleasure of introducing you to the amazing Leah Borski, she has achieved so much! 

With a bigger giveaway to offer, as well as another fantastic recipe, hope you enjoy this post! 😀

And good luck to you all!!!

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Trying To Be Healthy & Massive Giveaway! (Closed)

Stevia. Stevia powder. I think a lot of us have heard about this product, but as far as artificial sugars I have never used it.Never even thought of using it, just because I enjoy me my caster sugar so much.Buuuut… let’s be realistic. In today’s world, majority of our diseases are lifestyle related.


As much as I say I want to eat a full pan of brownies, topped off with milkshake and fries, I doubt I would ever actually do that. Because I know of the sugary heartache to follow. Quite literally.

Doing it for a special occasion, go ahead, but I do kind of want to enjoy brownies everyday. Maybe not to that extent, but to some!


So artificial sugars are starting to become more popular. When I say artificial sugars, of course I do not mean disgusting, manufactured clumps of ‘cardboard sugar’ as I call it. I mean a natural substitute which is just… not sugar.Here is where NuNaturals come in.

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Introducing: Patricia Dean-Escoto & (Another) Giveaway (Closed)

*Just a quick note – if anyone wants to guest post for my blog in August, please email me and let me know, I have a couple lined up but some more never hurt when taking exams 😛 – email me at gobakeyourself@yahoo.com.au*

Now, let us begin this post… enjoy! 🙂

Ok, so do you remember meeting Ms Gluten-Free Machine, Lorna Foreman?
Well, allow me to introduce you another fantastic author – Ms Patricia Dean-Escoto – HOW COOL IS MS DEAN-ESCOTO’S NAME? 😀

But more than the name, more than the cool, it is what Ms DE is trying to promote around the world, and that is preventing cancer, specifically breast. Let me give you some stats:
*Taken from Cancer Australia*

  1. In 2010 in Australia, Breast Cancer was the second leading cause of female deaths by cancer, accounting for 15.3%
  2. In 2009, it was recorded that the likelihood of developing breast cancer before the age of 85 years old was 1 in 8 women
  3. In 1982, the number of breast cancer patients was 5,317 – in 2009, it was 13,668 

Is it our environment? Is it natural in humans? What is causing this increase? 

For now, cancer is threatening, it is a disease which takes lives easily, it is the stark truth of the matter. While we wait for a drug to be made which will forever eradicate the fatality associated with it, we have to take care of ourselves and promote and encourage our community to as well. This is why I am so proud to be hosting Ms DE, who is promoting this through her wonderful new book, Top Ten Superfoods For Preventing Breast Cancer

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