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CCU Undercover: Full Moon Thai w/ Menulog + Giveaway Announcements (Closed)

CCU was not in the mood to go out. She just was feeling lazy, tired and hungry. I do believe (and I quote) she said something along the lines of ‘It’s my exams, I don’t have to do nothing.’  Spoiled little person that she is. But then she had a fabulous idea of epic proportions – why not ORDER IN!! It is so innovative, she honestly should have patented it or something, looking back.. 😛 Now… what is the best way to order in without making it a hassle? Of course… Menulog review title

 We all have those days where eating out is not an option. It may be raining buckets and you are out of electricity, or it could be just a simple I-don’t-leave-the-house kind of matter, like there was with me. And of course at the same time, you can’t be bothered to cook.

Instead of curling up into a little ball, whimpering with hunger, than eating a bag of chips till I fell asleep, I decided to be a bit more pro-active, and hopped online (yes, that is my pro-active approach :D)

Have you all heard of Menulog before? I certainly hope you have as otherwise, you are missing out!! Established for users all over Australia, this website features over 3,500 restaurants to choose from for easy ordering, whether it be pick-up or delivery! Quite literally, Menulog makes take-away super simple, allowing easy access to a range of different restaurants, and offering special discounts and promotions on the side as well!


I think, quite honestly, the hardest part of using Menulog was trying to decide a restaurant actually! Should I go for Italian, with a touch of Chinese on the side, or perhaps go for Thai Food. As usual, and if you know me you should see this coming – Thai food won. 😛

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