CCU Undercover: Full Moon Thai w/ Menulog + Giveaway Announcements (Closed)

CCU was not in the mood to go out. She just was feeling lazy, tired and hungry. I do believe (and I quote) she said something along the lines of ‘It’s my exams, I don’t have to do nothing.’  Spoiled little person that she is. But then she had a fabulous idea of epic proportions – why not ORDER IN!! It is so innovative, she honestly should have patented it or something, looking back.. 😛 Now… what is the best way to order in without making it a hassle? Of course… Menulog review title

 We all have those days where eating out is not an option. It may be raining buckets and you are out of electricity, or it could be just a simple I-don’t-leave-the-house kind of matter, like there was with me. And of course at the same time, you can’t be bothered to cook.

Instead of curling up into a little ball, whimpering with hunger, than eating a bag of chips till I fell asleep, I decided to be a bit more pro-active, and hopped online (yes, that is my pro-active approach :D)

Have you all heard of Menulog before? I certainly hope you have as otherwise, you are missing out!! Established for users all over Australia, this website features over 3,500 restaurants to choose from for easy ordering, whether it be pick-up or delivery! Quite literally, Menulog makes take-away super simple, allowing easy access to a range of different restaurants, and offering special discounts and promotions on the side as well!


I think, quite honestly, the hardest part of using Menulog was trying to decide a restaurant actually! Should I go for Italian, with a touch of Chinese on the side, or perhaps go for Thai Food. As usual, and if you know me you should see this coming – Thai food won. 😛

A quick scan and BAM! My brother and I (as he is also quite obsessed with Thai cuisine), decided on ordering from Full Moon Thai, though there was a massive selection of restaurants to choose from (I do so love my suburb!) – Not only did Full Moon Thai give a 10% promotional discount for first-time orders, they also have free delivery for a minimum order valued at $30! Looking back at the experience, I can actually feel my stomach beginning to whine, and persuading me to press the reorder button… I am just saying 😉

Skimmed through a very long menu, made our choices and easily made our choices! I really liked that Menulog had a very efficient process of putting in delivery details! I wasn’t even a member but it automatically sent me the option to make a password later and enjoy loyalty benefits, while allowing me to order without having to sign up there and then!

The SMS confirmation is also a good step, just an extra bit of security to calm the very hungry orderer 🙂 And even when ordering, there was a separate comment box, in which, you could put any dietary requirements, or allergies to be taken into account – everything was just so well thought out!

By the time the food arrived (on time might I add), I think my brother and I were slightly delirious from hunger. Delirious, half-starved, same thing right? I don’t think I have ever been happier to hear the doorbell ring!


Quick delivery, already paid for and then I had to keep the poor person waiting while I took photos. In my defence, I too, waited 😛

I was really impressed by how Full Moon Thai had the food delivered. Quite honestly, I was expecting condensation to have developed to a small extent, but all the containers of food were double wrapped in greaseproof paper, and sealed so they were considerably warm when I took them out.


There was also a hardier version of brown paper bags in which our entrees had come, complete with two different types of sauces as well, which had not leaked at all! I was so happy with that last bit 😛 Nothing was soggy, everything seemed fresh and on opening the tight plastic bag in which everything was packed, I think my nose was actually overwhelmed by the amazing smells crowding my kitchen!


Shall I get started telling you lovely people about the Thai dishes? Yes, I suppose you would enjoy that 😀

My brother, he is a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to food. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate milkshake, sticky date pudding. That is the same in Thai Food. He basically always gets Green Curry. In this case, he (in particular) ordered the Green Curry w/ Chicken ($15.90).


It looked creamy and delicious from the start, and was generous in the amount of vegetables it contained as well, which was a real plus!


Moi? I ordered the infallible Chilli Basil Stir Fry w/ Tofu ($14.50) – It was so succulent, quite honestly, I actually fell in love with how delicious all the vegetables were, and they had drowned it in its stir fry sauce so the vegetables while crunchy, were dripping with flavour!


And the tofu? Soft, silken and delicious, as any tofu should be of course!!

I must tell you all one thing though. PLEASE, take note of this, it is imperative that you do. When you order ‘hot’ as your choice of flavouring, please. EXPECT A VOLCANO IN YOUR MOUTH, NOTHING LESS! I am an Indian. I love my spice, I love my heat. But my mouth actually was numb by the time I stopped eating the food. It was so hot, but so delicious, and I had to keep eating, regardless of the slow loss of feeling in my tongue 😛


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT order hot unless you are ready for it!!

Like I was with my McDonalds sundae to top of the evening. #Foreverprepared 😉


For our entrees (I love that I did it the opposite way around), we got one order of Curry Puffs (4 pieces) w/ Sweet Chilli Sauce ($8.50). These were the highlight with a doubt. Super crunchy, but not too flaky pastry, with a deliciously fragrant filling of potato and spice (not hot :D), it went perfectly with the accompanying dipping sauce.



I also had an order of Spring Rolls (4 pieces) w/ Garlic Sauce (I think, not too sure?) ($8.50). My biggest amazement was that despite travel time, these were as fresh and crunchy as if they were straight from the wonderful kitchen itself. I have been to restaurants, and sat there and ate spring rolls not even half as crunchy as these were.


A delicious vegetable filling, and I was absolutely hooked on them!


And now it is time for me up update you all on the…


Firstly, I would like to announce the random winners of the NuNaturals Giveaway!!!  Congratulations you wonderful people! I shall email you and then your $50 plus boxes of goodies will be shipped to you as you deserve 🙂

Secondly! For all my wonderful Aussie followers, I have ANOTHER giveaway lined up for you (sorry remaining world, I do still love you though!!) Similar to when I worked with Menulog before, two of you can win vouchers to try this site out for yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway closes 5th of July, so you have plenty of time to enter 🙂   Good luck to everyone and congratulations to the winners!! One more exam to go before I can start posting more regularly and actually baking again! WOOO 😀

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Disclaimer: Go Bake Yourself was sent a $30 voucher to try the experience of Menulog, but her thoughts and opinions are honest and her own. This is in regard to Full Moon Thai restaurant as well.


  1. Congrats to the winners of Uru’s giveaways, and congrats to you, Uru, on finding a reliable source for takeout. (Do they deliver in Oklahoma?!) Smiling about your ‘heat’ warning… some friends were chuckling at me yesterday when my eyes welled up with tears after I ate a generous bite of wasabi (voluntarily and with great gusto, I might add) … I hear ya, kiddo. 😉 Glad you & your bro enjoyed your meals!


  2. I love when you do these reviews that you talk about yourself as a third person. Always makes me giggle.

    I can’t eat Thai food – too spicy for a wimp like me, but those spring rolls look divine. I’m more of a chinese gal myself.


  3. Haha… Go you mustering up the energy to order in… When I get to that point, I normally can’t even be bothered to order in and will settle for a slice of vegemite toast and tea. I’m with Alice, I would skip meals rather than cook when I was working in the kitchen. Menulog sounds an amazing option, wonder if it is in the Berra? Hope you are doing well lovely one, bring on the end of exam time. Happy hump day to you. 🙂 xx


  4. Debra says:

    Oh but I wish we had this particular service! I actually stopped midway through reading your blog to Google whether Menulog was available in California. I got excited for a moment until I realized it was just “California Burrito” in one of the Aussie establishments. But good for you. The food looks excellent, too. Yes indeed you are very smart to take advantage of a good reason (any reason is good) to have some excellent take-away! I love all your giveaways, too, but alas, yes, I am part of the (remaining world). You made me laugh with that one! ox


  5. Louise says:

    We definitely need one of those here in Central Pennsylvania, Uru. Sometimes the day just gets away from me and ordering out would be so cool if there was delivery too!

    Looks like you “guys” hit the jackpot!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Uru…Good Luck with those exams!


  6. Alice says:

    I think we all have those days Uru! Even as a part time student, studying & cooking as a chef, it could be hard to rustle up the extra energy for a meal (after a day of service!) Menulog is definitely one of the better options in the Sydney area 🙂

    Hope things settle down after your exams!


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